You're scheduled to drive a high speed service out of London to the West Country, but first you must get there. Catch a service into Paddington as soon as you can. Once there, head over and get things setup ready for departure.


  • BOARD A TRAIN: Catch a train to London Paddington
  • TRAVEL TO PADDINGTON: Ride this train to London Paddington
  • ARRIVED AT PADDINGTON: Exit the train as indicated
  • MAIN PLATFORMS: Head over to the main station concourse
  • HIGH SPEED TRAIN: Complete departure proceedings for a timely 19:30 departure
  • PREPARE THE TRAIN: Set the headlights to DAY and the Reverser to FORWARD
  • COMMENCE BOARDING: Unlock the doors on the LEFT side
  • LOAD PASSENGERS: Wait until 19:30
  • BOARDING COMPLETE: Lock the doors on the LEFT side
  • READY TO DEPART: Acknowledge the guard by responding with TWO presses
  • TRAIN BRAKES: Set the train brakes to RUNNING
  • THROTTLE: Signal permitting, apply power to get going
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Reading 20:01
  • LOAD PASSENGERS: Unlock Doors
  • MOVE TO EXIT: Disembark from this service and head for the station exit

Task LogEdit

  • You’ve been called in to cover for a driver who has been delayed on another service. You’re needed to take the train out to Reading where the driver will continue the service as scheduled.
  • Head into London Paddington to pick up the train. Be sure to arrive no later than 19:20
  • Thanks again for helping us out. Hopefully the other driver will be along shortly


  • TRAIN DOORS: Press the TAB key to bring up the Dispatch Menu
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