The West Somerset Railway is a UK route released for Train Sim World. It features England's longest heritage railway, running from Minehead to Norton Fitzwarren, a length of 23 miles. Two locomotives, the BR Class 09 and BR Class 47 are included. It was released on the 24th May 2018 for PC and 11th September 2018 for consoles.

Hints[edit | edit source]

Hint 1[edit | edit source]


The first hint showed two UK-Semaphore signals heavily hinting that it would be a UK-based route. An accompanying message on Twitter and Facebook read '**s* S***rs** R******'. This caused speculation that it was the West Somerset Railway, a heritage railway in the west of England previously featured in TS1. It was believed that this could be the first time steam locomotives were added to the game, however, no steam locomotives have been announced.

Route[edit | edit source]

The route covers the entire West Somerset Railway from Norton Fitzwarren, the junction with the Great Western Main Line to Minehead, the northern terminus. Most of the year services run only to Bishops Lydeard however the West Somerset Railway add-on is set during the diesel gala when some services continue to Norton Fitzwarren.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally opened in 1862, the route ran from Taunton to the port of Watchet, before being extended in 1874 to the current terminus, Minehead. Originally built by the West Somerset Railway Company and the Minehead Railway, the route was absorbed into the Great Western Railway in 1876 and was eventually nationalised into British Railways in 1948.

As British Railways faced financial difficulties during the 1950s and 1960s, the Beeching Report was published in 1963 which advised the closure of 2,363 stations and and 6,000 miles of railway including the West Somerset Railway, which was closed by BR in 1973, one of the last of the Beeching cuts.

When the railway was closed in 1973, Somerset County Council purchased the route and lent it to the West Somerset Railway Company plc. which began re-opening the route as a heritage railway. The first section of the route to re-open was between Minehead and Blue Anchor in 1976, eventually reaching Bishops Lydeard in 1979. The most recent addition was the station at Norton Fitzwarren in 2009.

Locomotives[edit | edit source]

  • BR Class 09 - A British Railways shunting locomotive of which 10 have survived into preservation. The example in the West Somerset Railway route is D4107
  • BR Class 47 - Formerly one of the most important locomotives on the British Rail network, 32 of these locomotives have survived into preservation, including D1661 'North Star' which is featured in the West Somerset Railway route.

Rolling Stock[edit | edit source]

20180628164730 1.jpg

  • BR Mk1 - Built during the 1950s and 1960s by British Railways, the Mark 1 carriage was the first standardised design of railway carriage in the UK. These coaches have proved popular on heritage railways and are widely used across the heritage railway network including the West Somerset Railway.

Training[edit | edit source]

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

  • Preparation Work - Take the assigned locomotive from Williton Diesel Depot and run it light down to Bishops Lydeard ready to start services for the day
  • To the Beach - To cope with increased demand, the resident Class 09 has been called upon to operate extra services
  • Minehead Shunter Part 1 - Carry out some demonstration shunting with the Class 09 locomotive between Minehead and Washford
  • Minehead Shunter Part 2 - Continue shunting around Minehead, completing the demo with the involvement of a Class 47
  • Land Cruise - Having enjoyed a day of sun and sand, it's time to ferry all the tourists home. Operate a service down to Bishops Lydeard to finish off the day.
  • Finishing Up - It's time to shut down for the night. The last passenger service has arrived into Bishops Lydeard and requires storage. Use the resident Class 09 to put everything in its place.

Timetable Mode[edit | edit source]

The West Somerset Railway timetable mode is set around a 'diesel gala' event and contains 27 services of which 9 are for the Class 09 and 18 for the Class 47. The services include full-length runs of the route, locomotive movements at Minehead and Bishops Lydeard and carriage moves to and from Norton Fitzwarren.

See the full-service timetable here: Service Timetable - West Somerset Railway

Trains running from 10:00 to 19:00

No Trains running between 19:00 to 10:00

Passenger Services (Class 47/Class 09)[edit | edit source]

Set A & Set B[edit | edit source]

  • Minehead - Bishops Lydeard (All stops)

The Class 47 can operate Set A & Set B services

The Class 33, Class 52 and Class 31 can be swapped into services on this route. They can operate Set A and Set B services.

Set C[edit | edit source]

  • Minehead - Bishops Lydeard (Limited-stops)

The Class 09 can only operate Set C services

The Class 20 can operate Set A, Set B and Set C services.

Loco Roster[edit | edit source]

Class 47


Class 47


Class 09 Class 33 Class 52 Class 31 Class 20
Set A Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set B Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set C No No Yes No No No Yes

Journey Mode[edit | edit source]

There is currently one Journey Mode for West Somerset Railway using the BR Class 47 and BR Class 08:

Route Diagram[edit | edit source]

Location Image Miles (Approx.)
Norton Fitzwarren 20180525205219 1.jpg 0
Allerford Junction 0
Bishops Lydeard 20180525204839 1.jpg 3
Crowcombe Heathfield 20180525204634 1.jpg 7
Roebuck Gate Level Crossing 7
Leigh Wood Level Crossing 8
Stogumber 20180525204504 1.jpg 9
Williton Level Crossing 14.5
Williton 20180525204313 1.jpg 14.5
Doniford Halt 20180525203911 1.jpg 15
Watchet 20180525203721 1.jpg 16
Washford 20180525203419 1.jpg 17.5
Blue Anchor 20180525203039 1.jpg 19
Blue Anchor Level Crossing 19
Sea Lane Level Crossing 21
Dunster 20180525202725 1.jpg 21
West Dunster Level Crossing 21
Seaward Way Level Crossing 23
Minehead 20180525202216 1.jpg 23

Add-Ons[edit | edit source]

This route also has the option to purchase two additional locomotives. They are the:

Both these locos have their own tutorials, scenarios, service mode and achievements!

Locos such as the BR Class 31, BR Class 20 and BR Class 08 from TVL are also able to run services on the route in place of the Class 47 and 08.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • WSR Tourist Attraction: Complete 47 passenger boarding tasks
  • Class 09 Sound Advice: Operate the Class 09 horn 90 times (NOTE: Only a Steam achievement)
  • Class 47 Star Tours: Operate the Class 47 for 470 miles (NOTE: This achievement can also be earned on the NTP route)
  • Class 09 Gronk on the go: Operate the Class 09 for 90 miles
  • WSR West Country Wonderer: Complete all the available services
  • WSR Preserving Heritage: Collect all collectibles on West Somerset Railway
  • WSR Summer Vacation: Complete all scenarios on West Somerset Railway
  • WSR Star Pupil: Complete Class 47 Introduction Tutorial
  • WSR Gronk Graduate: Complete Class 09 Introduction Tutorial

Version Differences[edit | edit source]

Table[edit | edit source]

Version Differences Table
Version TSW 2020 TSW2
Released in May 2018 October 2020
Class 47 Yes Yes
Class 09 Yes Yes
Livery designer No Future Update
Platform Step-up No Future Update
Class 33 Addon Yes Yes
Class 52 Addon Yes Yes
Class 31 Addon Yes Future Update
Included Service 27 27
Included Sets 3 3
Included Diagrams

(Timetable mode)

5 5
West Somerset Railway
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Rolling Stock BR Mk1
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Operators West Somerset Railway
Tutorials Class 47 Introduction - Class 09 Introduction
Scenarios Preparation Work - To the Beach - Minehead Shunter Part 1 - Minehead Shunter Part 2 - Land Cruise - Finishing Up
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