2017 Edit

2018 Edit

NEC: New York Freight Services Update Edit

Trash Train Services Edit

  • F01 - F04: manage trash trains between Harlem and Oak Point with F04 taking a train of trash cars out to Fresh Pond to the barges.
  • F08: deliver empty trash cars up from Fresh Pond to Oak Point later in the day
  • F09: a final trash train service later in the day.

Manifest Freight Services Edit

  • F05: primarily an inbound manifest AI-only train that comes in across the Oak Point Link, this then leads in to most of the following services which move these cars around the yards.
  • F06: a big Oak Point switching exercise.
  • F07: delivering the cuts of cars you sorted in F06

Fresh Pond Freight Services Edit

  • F10: (in six parts) take a manifest train down to Fresh Pond Junction in the first three, then the last three bring another one back up to Oak Point.
  • F11: what happens in the middle - where the switcher at Fresh Pond Junction takes F10 (first half) train and moves it to east yard, and brings up another train from east yard and makes it ready for F10 part 2.

Additional Fixes Edit

  • You are now able to start services from Newark Penn and New York Penn
  • Stops at Secaucus reduced to an hourly rate instead of every service
  • Decreased stopping point accuracy at stations from within 1m to within 2m
  • Added start/end details to service names

Spring Update Edit

General Edit

  • Made the overall driving experience smoother
  • Fixed an issue which would cause springy hoses when transitioning between world tiles
  • General improvements to localisation text and language used across all routes, trains and gameplay
  • GDPR compliance updates
  • Numerous improvements to reduce stuttering and pausing
  • Improvements to physics on multi-core CPUs for performance improvements

CSX Heavy Haul Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the GP38-2 Auto Brake was not sitting in the ‘suppression’ notch

Great Western Express Edit

  • Fixed an issue in Service Mode where you spawned in the wrong end of the Class 166 at Reading Depot
  • Fixed an issue where the Class 166 brake hold button was not animating
  • Fixed an issue where the Class 166 doors were losing collision after being opened and closed
  • Improved some graphical issues at Twyford station
  • Improved general performance of the route

Rapid Transit Edit

  • Improvements to passenger navigation on station platforms
  • Fixed an issue with sections of the underpass at Dessau station
  • Performance optimisations to the DB BR 442’s in-cab screens to improve overall framerate
  • Fixed an issue that caused you to lose power when departing Delitzsch in the Leipziger scenario
  • Improved general performance of the route

NEC: New York Edit

  • Fixed an issue in the Terminal Switch scenario that caused objectives to become confusing
  • Improved the location for a couple of the collectables
  • Fixed an issue where there were floating cables around Sunnyside Yard
  • Performance improvement on the ACS-64’s in-cab screens to improve overall framerate
  • Optimised lighting in the Amfleet coaches for framerate improvement
  • Major updates to signalling across the route
  • Major updates to ACSES and ATC in-cab signalling in support of signalling updates across the route
  • Fixed an issue with a flickering texture on the CSX GP38-2
  • Fixed an issue that caused half the route to have no visible sun/moon light
  • Improvements to passenger navigation on station platforms
  • Fixed an issue that caused the main reservoir to leak air
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the refuelling pump to work properly
  • Improved general performance of the route
  • Added voice over to the tutorials (English, French, German)

Somerset Sunshine Update Edit

Core Edit

  • Fixed issues with the manual
  • Fixed another cause of springy hoses

BR Class 09 Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the Throttle, Reverser and Master Switch would lock up
  • Fixed untranslated ‘Driver’s Brake’ button prompt
  • Added ability to turn off sander using the keyboard

BR Class 47 Edit

  • Fixed an issue with the rear cab camera
  • Fixed an issue where the headcode ‘2272’ would erroneously appear

Mark 1 Coaches Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the various pipes were the wrong way round
  • Fixed an issue with the slam door animation at a distance

WSR Gameplay Edit

  • Reduced couple/uncouple wait times from 10 seconds to 1 second to improve flow of scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where objective markers were appearing in the middle of the Minehead turntable, instead of on the control panel
  • Fixed an issue where junction objective markers were not clearing if triggered on foot

'Finishing Up' Scenario Edit

  • Fixed an issue where scenario objectives could not be completed
  • Fixed an issue where a signal would remain red when trying to complete an objective
  • Fixed an issue where objective markers were disappearing upon loading from the last checkpoint
  • Fixed an issue where track switch objective markers would not disappear after operating point levers

'Minehead Shunter Part 2' Scenario Edit

  • Fixed an issue where unless stopping was very accurate, the scenario couldn’t be completed
  • Fixed an issue where the player can be teleported into a locked cab
  • Fixed an issue where an objective marker was in the wrong place
  • Fixed an issue where loading from the last checkpoint would fail

Other Scenarios and Service Mode Edit

  • 'Preparation Work': Fixed an issue where the first objective marker remain
  • 'Preparation Work': Fixed an issue where the scenario marker would not disappear upon completion
  • 'To the Beach': Fixed an issue where the unlock doors instruction was bound to the wrong doors
  • '47 – 11:50 Service': Fixed an issue where the first objective marker would not clear
  • '47 – 12:15 Service': Fixed an issue where the wrong doors had to be opened at Stogumber

Other Fixes Edit

  • Great Western Express: Corrected translations in the tutorials
  • NEC New York: Fixed an issue with the lighting in parts of the Penn Tunnels
  • NEC New York: Corrected spelling mistakes in the loading screens
  • NEC New York: Rebuilt the swampland area west of Secaucus

September Console Update Edit

Core Edit

  • On-going optimisation improvements including an update to the asset streaming logic to prevent various objects, such as stations not appearing in the world occasionally
  • Fixed an issue with the Ambience Audio Level setting, where setting it to 0% and entering a game mode would result in no change to the ambient audio
  • Fixed an issue that would result in losing the name of internal cameras whilst moving the camera far from the player
  • Various translation fixes across all supported languages

UI Edit

  • Added loading image for West Somerset Railway when in offline mode
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in losing the ability to interact with controls in the 3D cab after accessing the 2D map via the pause menu. The controls often became stuck on the Reverser, regardless of which control you attempt to use
  • Updated credits list

PS4 Only Edit

  • Fixed an issue with missing assets on the section of track between Southall and Hanwell whilst running a service in the Class 166

Autumn Update Edit

General Edit

  • Fixed the weather code to fully initialise before the Time of Day System, prevents incorrect lighting cube maps from being generated on game start
  • Can now specify spawn time to service mode within 5-minute intervals instead of 15 minutes
  • Removed the faded "D" from the power HUD icon
  • Changed the direction neutral "N" to a "-" in order to be more localisation friendly
  • Fix for rail vehicles losing all momentum upon derailment
  • Improved how passengers determine which platforms to spawn at based on arriving trains
  • Fix for objective manager presenting incorrect objectives for a service in some rare instances
  • Fix for dispatcher track section request ordering which could create standoffs in some cases
  • Fixed some issues with sleepers / track ties which made them appear in bulk, disappear and then gradually re-appear

Ruhr Sieg Nord Edit

  • Fixed an issue with the Freight Exchange scenario to properly recognise the 5-second hold rule for the Battery Isolation switch
  • Fixed an issue with the doors opening on wrong side at Plettenberg on RB91/RE16 services, and at Hohenlimburg on RB56 services.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Depart When Ready” objective would not clear when the train was moving in the Returning Empty scenario
  • Removed a Vr head and changed magnets on one signal which affected services running through Plettenberg Platform 2 that were receiving a 1000 Hz influence
  • Fixed an issue that would produce the full rain audio whilst under the canopy in Hagen Hbf
  • Added speed related PZB activation to 1000 Hz and 500 Hz magnets
  • Fixed an issue with an OHLE hanger floating in mid-air at Plettenberg station
  • Fixed an issue with the collectable located at Altena tunnel
  • Numerous fixes relating to key language translation throughout

DB BR 143 Edit

  • Added an option to allow the player to activate the cab light from the controller
  • Fixed an issue that would cause all locos to show the same loco number
  • Added missing ground shadow plane
  • Adjusted the Full-Service brake pressure to correctly report a reduction to 3.5 BAR instead of ~3.6 BAR
  • Added missing Desk Light
  • Moved shunting control components further inwards to allow players to interact with them
  • Fixed an issue with the bright headlight setting that would show reflections on the windscreen and other flickering artefacts
  • Fix coupling clipping when coupling to Shimms wagon
  • Re-added missing PZB Mode decals to switch on lower desk
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the player from re-entering the loco during the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue with premature brake application when loco is moving under AFB
  • Fixed an issue that would result in the AFB disappearing from the MFD when switching to exterior camera and back
  • Updated the tutorial so that it correctly asks the player to set the centre headlight as well
  • Fixed a number of issues with the tractive effort gauge
  • Fixed the PZB "Acknowledge" functionality on Xbox controller

Doppelstockwagen Edit

  • Fixed a problem with the representations of the headlights
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a player from being able to sit in the secondman’s seat whilst the train is in motion
  • Fixed an issue where the horn failed to trigger if the horn control was pressed too quickly after release
  • Changed the horn fade out time, and the audio trigger conditions based off the position of the horn control
  • Added the appropriate animation for the Brake Overcharge button
  • Fixed the camera functionality
  • Fixed the missing rain on the upper level windows
  • Improved the 3D model smoothing

RSN Wagons Edit

  • Improved the freight wagon sounds so they can be heard on passing AI trains
  • Adjusted collision volume to allow for easier access to couplers on the Habbiins 344

West Somerset Railway Edit

  • Optimised performance of hoses between vehicles
  • Rain and Snow effects should now show up correctly on windows
  • General scenery improvements
  • Extended stopping radius on "go to" objectives from 2 meters to 8 meters to make it more flexible when stopping
  • Numerous fixes relating to key language translation throughout

BR Class 47 Edit

  • Ensure drivers and crew are interacting correctly with seats
  • Added rattle sound

BR Class 09 Edit

  • Optimised performance of hoses between vehicles

NEC: New York Edit

  • Fixed junction motors and levers in New York Penn to not have snow on them
  • Fixed a number of issues relating to loading saved games
  • Reduced couple/uncouple times for freight to be 1 second instead of 10 seconds

ACS-64 Edit

  • Fixed reward stats for Cab Light and Horn

Great Western Express Edit

  • Removed the overgrowing foliage to the platform and tunnel next to Hayes and Harlington

BR Class 43 'HST' Edit

  • Completely reworked diesel-electric simulation has been added
  • Improved behaviour of Electric Train Supply and how it affects the engine rpm and throttle control usage

BR Class 66 Edit

  • Completely reworked diesel-electric simulation has been added
  • Adjustments to the EM2000 module and how it displays data
  • Faster reaction movement on the Ammeter

GWE Freight Wagons Edit

  • Changed the dimension of brake pipe connectors to improve air flow and thus improve brake operation

Long Island Winter Update Edit

Route Edit

  • Race Day Run scenario; Moved the final “walk to” marker closer to where the player stops the train
  • Added in translations of Service Mode descriptions
  • Improved passenger navigation at East New York, Garden City and Floral Park
  • Fixed passengers’ feet sinking into the platforms at Merillion Avenue
  • Fixed an issue with the “crowd” ambient audio at Kew Gardens
  • Fixed an issue with trains clipping through the platforms at Hillside and Long Island City
  • Fixed an issue with the third rail just outside Forest Hills
  • Fixed an issue with the collision of the platform ends at Belmont
  • Fixed multiple issues with on-foot collisions at multiple locations
  • Fixed a hole in the underpass of Merillion Avenue
  • Improved the footstep audio when moving through underpasses

LIRR M7 Edit

  • Fixed an issue with enabling and disabling the ATC, it is now based on the state of the Master Key and not the state of the Reverser
  • Fixed an issue where setting ‘Alerter Cut-out’ would also set ‘Deadman Cut-out’
  • Fixed an issue where the Deadman Pedal needed to be used more often than it should
  • Fixed an issue where AI M7s would drive with both head and tail lights on
  • The ATC Alarm should now only sound if overspeeding, or when the in0cab aspect reduces

BR Class 33 Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the controls could be used through the cab window when using either the No. 3 or No. 8 exterior cameras

2019 Edit

January PC Update (Build 506) Edit

General Edit

  • Improved the lighting model on locos and rolling stock when moving through tunnels to reduce "pulsing" artefacts seen on cab and train exterior surfaces

CSX Heavy Haul Edit

  • Fixed a crash reported on loading certain CSX scenarios
  • Fixed a crash seen during CSX Powering America Part 1 scenario

Long Island Rail Road Edit

  • Updated the M7’s marker, HVAC and coach lights:
    • Parked consists should no longer have coach lights/HVAC/marker lights turned on
    • Consists in a 'Running Stopped' preset (eg: player spawned into an M7 in Service Mode) should have coach lights/HVAC/marker lights activated on both sides of the consist
    • AI should now drive with the cab lights off
  • Fixed an issue whereby the M7’s brakes could not be released when changing ends
  • The M7's "TractiveEffort" and "Braking Effort" bar should now show Green when Accelerating and Red when Dynamic Braking

February PC Update (Build 551) Edit

Main-Spessart Bahn Edit

  • Fixed passenger Door Selector switch not allowing doors to be locked when in the "Unlock All/Both" position​
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the BR 143 from opening passenger doors when swapped in as an AI train, resulting in service mode coming to a stop with blocked trains behind any 143s.​
  • Fixed a missing scenario start marker for the "Doppelstock Delivery" scenario when exploring Gemünden in Service Mode.
  • Fixed various collision boundary issues.​
  • Fixed an issue where the BR 146.2 from the Main-Spessart Bahn route incorrectly presented as available for Freight duties on Ruhr-Sieg Nord route.​

April Update Edit

Rapid Transit Edit

  • Introduced mode updates and re-simulations affecting timings in order to accommodate the DB BR 182 services.
  • PZB was updated to give 1000hz influence when passing flashing green signals.
  • Flashing green aspect now only occurs on signals with active Zs3v.
  • Updated all Zs2, 2v, 3v and 6 indicators to use new dot matrix displays.
  • Reviewed and added new PZB speeds magnets throughout the route.
  • Adjusted speed limits along the route.
  • Fixed an issue with missing or incorrect door sides for all passengers loading at stations.
  • Fixed an issue signal head not being able to show Sh1 on entry to siding at Leipzig Messe.
  • Changed junctions from automatic to manual in Dessau Yard.
  • Resolved electrification error south of Leipzig MDR.
  • Moved the 23:15 service to 23:17 so it starts correctly.
  • Adjusted the Leipzig Connewitz Platform 3 northbound stops to prevent them from requesting routes beyond until ready to proceed.

DB BR 1442 Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the location of headlights was out of sync when playing at low frame rate.
  • Fixed an issue where MR/BP needles were showing the wrong way around.
  • Fixed an issue where MFD Clock was not updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where cabs were not swapping correctly when using multiple units.
  • Fixed door operations from multiple cabs.
  • Fixed an issue where Digital Displays were not updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where locking one side of the doors would lock both doors.
  • HUD has been updated to the current standard to reflect the updated PZB information.
  • Introduced various optimisations to the audio occlusion performance.
  • Added Tempomat to the HUD.
  • Added a new PZB system.

Main-Spessart Bahn Edit

  • Miscellaneous environment geometry and collision fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with height of Auto Runner scenario start marker.
  • Unlocked the throttle control when told to stop at Gemunden in case the throttle is set to anything other than off in the Doppelstockwagen introduction.
  • Fixed an issue with Dosto horn audio not playing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the destination control beep requiring pressing the button too hard on Dosto.
  • Added missing audio for the Sifa pedal and reset buttons on Dosto.
  • Flipped two single slip junction motor sets to sit the correct side of the track on Gemunden station.
  • Fixed an issue on Services 82126 and 83150 preventing getting up the hill and subsequently completing the services.
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