The United Kingdom is a country in Europe which is featured in Train Sim World. Currently, there are 4 routes featured in TSW, the Great Western Express, West Somerset Railway, Northern Trans-Pennine and Tees Valley Line.


  • British Rail - British Rail was the former nationalised operator of railways in Great Britain which operated from 1948 until the late 1990s, when the network became franchised. British Rail has featured in two 1980s era routes for Train Sim World, Northern Trans-Pennine set in 1983, and the Tees Valley Line set in 1989.
  • DB Cargo UK - DB Cargo UK is a major UK freight operator. Formerly known as EWS before being bought by Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway, it is featured in the Great Western Express dlc.
  • Great Western Railway - Great Western Railway is one of the privatised passenger rail operators in the UK. Its services are focused around London Paddington and the south west of England. It is featured in the Great Western Express dlc.


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  • West Somerset Railway - The West Somerset Railway is a route that features the longest heritage railway in the UK. It covers the line between Minehead and Norton Fitzwarren and has 2 locomotives, the BR Class 09 and the BR Class 47.
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