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Train Sim World 2 is the next game of the Train Sim World series. It was released on 20th of August 2020.

Routes and Locomotives[edit | edit source]

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The base game of Train Sim World 2 comes with 3 routes:

Editing Tools[edit | edit source]

Train Sim World 2 comes with two new editing tools; the Livery Designer and Scenario Planner. These allow users to create custom liveries for the locomotives in the game and create new scenarios for featured routes. It has also be announced, due to the community feedback and backlash the older "preserved collection" of routes are going to be given support with the new Scenario Planner.

New Features[edit | edit source]

Train Sim World 2 also includes new adhesion physics for more realistic gameplay, as well as improved dynamic skies to improve the visuals of the game. The game is also updated for support of 4K.

Preserved Collection[edit | edit source]

See Preserved Collection

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • TSW2: The Wheels are Turning: Operate any rail vehicle for 1 mile
  • TSW2: Unstoppable: Operate any rail vehicle for 1000 miles
  • TSW2: Taking on the World: Operate any rail vehicle for 10,000 miles
  • TSW2: Warm Up Walk: Travel 1 mile on foot
  • TSW2: Marching On: Travel 100 miles on foot
  • TSW2: New Recruit: Complete your first training module
  • TSW2: Show and Tell: Complete 5 training modules
  • TSW2: Top of the Class: Complete 10 training modules
  • TSW2: Steady Start: Complete your first scenario
  • TSW2: Hungry for More: Complete 5 scenarios
  • TSW2: Really Reliable: Complete 10 scenarios
  • TSW2: Career Minded: Complete 15 scenarios
  • TSW2: Exploring the Rails: Complete your first service
  • TSW2: Anytime Ticket: Complete 10 services
  • TSW2: A Fine Service: Complete 50 services
  • TSW2: Ticket to Ride: Complete 100 services
  • TSW2: Rookie: Reach Driver Level 5
  • TSW2: Operator: Reach Driver Level 10
  • TSW2: Officer: Reach Driver Level 25
  • TSW2: Expert: Reach Driver Level 50
  • TSW2: Prospector: Earn your first Gold medal
  • TSW2: Gold Panning: Earn 50 Gold medals
  • TSW2: Gold Mine: Earn 100 Gold medals
  • TSW2: Exploration: Complete your first Journey Chapter
  • TSW2: Outward Bound: Complete 10 Journey Chapters
  • TSW2: Day Duties: Complete 10 route tasks
  • TSW2: Dedication Station: Complete 50 route tasks
  • TSW2: No Stone Left Unturned: Complete 100 route tasks
  • TSW2: Master of Skills: Complete 200 route tasks
  • TSW2: A Splash of Colour: Create your first reskin in the Livery Editor
  • TSW2: Handicraft: Create your first scenario in the Scenario Planner
  • TSW2: All in a Day's Work: Complete 1 of your created scenarios
  • TSW2: Work of Art: Complete a scenario using your own created livery
  • TSW2: Successful Application: Complete any set of route tasks

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