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Train Sim World is Dovetail Games' latest train simulator, released on the 16th March 2017. It is developed by Dovetail Games which announced it on the 1st September 2016. The original version, entitled 'CSX Heavy Haul' featured one route, Sand Patch Grade and was only available on PC. The second version was 'Founders Edition' which was available on Xbox containing Great Western Express. The latest version, simply 'Train Sim World' is available on PC, Xbox and PS4, featuring three routes, Great Western Express, Rapid Transit & NEC: New York as well as Sand Patch Grade for the PC version only. The digital deluxe version also includes the GP40-2 dlc.


Three routes are available as part of Train Sim World; Great Western Express, Rapid Transit & NEC: New York. Sand Patch Grade, previously featured in the CSX Heavy Haul edition, is available only in the PC version.

Sand Patch Grade (PC)(base game) Great Western Express (base game) Rapid Transit (base game)
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NEC: New York (base game) WSR: West Somerset Railway RSN: Ruhr Sieg Nord
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LIRR: Long Island Rail Road NTP: Northern Trans-Pennine MSB: Main-Spessart Bahn
20181130171659 1 New route MSB 0005
TVL: Tees Valley Line
TVL 0001

Rolling StockEdit

See Rolling Stock List


Edition DLC Included Start Date End Date
CSX Heavy Haul Beta Sand Patch Grade Beta 8th December 2016 21st December 2016
CSX Heavy Haul Sand Patch Grade 16th March 2017 24th July 2018
Founders Edition Great Western Express 9th March 2018 24th July 2018
Train Sim World Great Western Express

Rapid Transit

NEC: New York

Sand Patch Grade (PC)

24th July 2018
Digital Deluxe Edition Great Western Express

Rapid Transit

NEC: New York

Sand Patch Grade (PC)


24th July 2018

CSX Heavy Haul BetaEdit

The CSX Heavy Haul Beta was the first edition of Train Sim World. It ran from the 8th December 2016 to the 21st December and contained two sections of Sand patch Grade; Sand Patch summit and Cumberland yard. The only locomotive featured was the SD40-2. It came with 3 tutorials, 2 services and 2 scenarios.

CSX Heavy HaulEdit

The full version of CSX Heavy Haul was released on the 16th March 2017. It contains the entire Sand Patch Grade route along with two extra locomotives, the GP38-2 & AC4400CW. Also included are 8 scenarios, 7 tutorials, a full service mode and 6 different freight cars.

Route add-onsEdit

Between the release of CSX Heavy Haul and Train Sim World, various bundles were released which allowed players to combine Sand Patch Grade with an additional route. This was available for all routes released up to and including NEC: New York

Founders Edition Edit

Founders Edition was released on the 9th March 2018 for Xbox One and featured the Great Western Express route. Like CSX Heavy Haul Edition, it was replaced by the new 'Train Sim World'.

Train Sim World Edit

The latest version, simply titled 'Train Sim World' features GWE, RT & NEC: NY for PC, Xbox One and PS4 as well as Sand Patch Grade for PC. The new edition will be priced at £39.99($52) with a Digital Deluxe edition also containing the GP40-2 costing £44.99($60).


First Person ViewEdit

For the first time, Train Sim World allows players to walk around the game world in first person mode. This mode is utilized in tutorials, scenarios and services where the first person mode is required to complete tasks such as refueling or changing switches.


Dovetail Games has confirmed that editing tools will be made available for Train Sim World, however, no release date has yet been set and the tools are still under construction.

On April 3rd, 2019, DTG annouced in studio update that editor is now on closed beta.

Service ModeEdit

Service mode is a 24-hour timetable of trains which operate along each route. Players can drive or ride any of the trains as well as travel around the network in first person mode.


In Train Sim World, collectible items can be found around the different routes. 100 were included in Sand Patch Grade with 75 included in Great Western Express, Rapid Transit and Northeast Corridor. An Achievement can be earned for collecting all 75 of the collectibles on the NEC route.

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