The Tees Valley Line is a route dlc for Train Sim World, featuring the Tees Valley Line between Darlington and Saltburn, a length of 27 miles. The route is set in 1989 during the sectorisation of British Rail and featured with the route will be BR Class 08, Class 37, and both 2-car and 3-car Class 101.


Hint 1Edit

Red car final copy

The first hint shows a red car with the number plate "SLB 1989" which many have interpreted to mean Saltburn 1989. Because of this, many people thought that the route would be Darlington to Saltburn, set in 1989, during the sectorisation of British Rail.

Route Edit

The route covers the Tees Valley Line in the North East of England from Darlington to Saltburn via Middlesbrough and Redcar.

Set in 1989, the route is used by both passenger and freight services which served the many industries located along the route.

Locomotives Edit

  • BR Class 08 - The most common shunter locomotive used by British Rail during this period. It is featured in BR Rail "Thornaby" Blue livery to carry out shunting services in the various yards along the route.
  • BR Class 37 - Featured in Railfreight sector Trainload metal livery (RailFreight Grey), the Class 37 is the principal freight locomotive featured with this route, and is still in use today on British railway lines.
  • BR Class 101 - A first generation diesel-multiple-unit featured in British Rail blue and grey livery. This DMU operated local passenger services along the route but was at the end of its life on the line, soon to be replaced by Pacers and other second generation DMUs

Rolling Stock Edit

  • BBA Wagon - A steel wagon used by British Rail
  • HEA Hopper - A coal hopper used by British Rail

Training Edit

Scenarios Edit

  • Tubeliner Diversion - The latest shipment of steel product is ready to depart Lackenby. Operate the train on the first leg of its journey, as far as Darlington.
  • Coal Hauler - Taking over a driver, a Class 37 is waiting at Redcar Mineral Terminal, load up HEAs and take them to Tees Yard.
  • Steelworks Shunting - Pilot duty at Lackenby Steelworks. Shunt steel wagons into the correct sidings ready for mainline freight services.
  • Three Becomes Two - A DMU has arrived with a failure. Shunt the failed car to repairs and send it back on it's way.
  • Seaside Summer Special - Drive this summer special service to Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

Timetable Mode Edit

The Class 08 has 6 services on the route, focusing on shunting services at Tees Yard between Thornaby and Middlesbrough.

The Class 37 has 46 services, which focus on steel trains to Lackenby and Coke trains to Redcar, where the hoppers can be unloaded.

78 passenger services are included using the Class 101. 2-car Class 101s operate services between Darlington and Middlesbrough whilst 3-car Class 101s operate services between Darlington and Saltburn.

See the full timetable here: Service Timetable - Tees Valley Line

Route Diagram Edit

Location Image Miles
Darlington 20190718115539 1 0
Dinsdale 20190718115636 1 3.8
Teesside Airport 20190718120223 1 5.5
Allens West 20190718120416 1 8.1
Eaglescliffe 20190718120504 1 8.7
Thornaby 20190718120551 1 11.7
Middlesbrough 20190718120644 1 15
Cargo Fleet 20190718121224 1 16.1
South Bank 20190718121307 1 17.5
Grangetown 20190718121602 1 18.6
British Steel Redcar 20190718121703 1 20.7
Redcar Central 20190718121753 1 22.6
Redcar East 20190718122445 1 23.4
Longbeck 20190718122559 1 25.1
Marske 20190718122653 1 25.5
Saltburn 20190718122753 1 27.5

Achievements Edit

  • TVL: Metal Sector - Complete Tees Valley Line scenario 'Tubeliner Diversion'
  • TVL: Look Who's Collecting - Collect all collectibles on Tees Valley Line
  • TVL: Tees Total - Complete all tutorials on Tees Valley Line
  • CL37: Tractor Trail - Operate the Class 37 for 370 miles
  • TVL: Ice Cream Sunday - Complete Tees Valley Line scenario 'Seaside Summer Special'
  • TVL: Tractor Trainee - Complete the Class 37 Introduction tutorial
  • TVL: Raking the Yard - Complete Tees Valley Line scenario 'Steelworks Shunting'
  • TVL: Doing the Right Thing - Complete 50 Tees Valley Line services
  • TVL: Beaming with Pride - Complete all scenarios on Tees Valley Line
  • TVL: The Boro Master - Reach Route Level 20 on Tees Valley Line
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