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The last service of this evening is headed for Minehead where it will finish for the night. Before it's time for home, the coaches and locomotives must be parked and shutdown.

Task Log and Objectives Edit

  • Before heading home today, travel to Minehead where you will need to park up the coaches and locomotuve for the night.
  • BOARD THE TRAIN. Ride the train to Minehead
  • ARRIVED AT MINEHEAD. Disembark the train for further instructions
  • Decouple from the coaches here, then run around them using the down loop line to couple to the other side. You'll then receive instruction on where to leave these for the night.
  • UNCOUPLE VEHICLES. As indicated
  • CLIMB ABOARD. Sit in the Driver's seat of the locomotive
  • MASTER KEY. Set the Master Key to ON
  • REVERSER. Set the Reverser to FORWARD
  • READY TO DEPART. Release the Brakes and apply power to get moving
  • STOP AT LOCATION. Minehead Down Shunt
  • JUNCTIONS. Make sure you check your pathing and set any required junctions
  • STOP AT LOCATION. As indicated
  • COUPLE TO FORMATION. As indicated
  • STOP AT LOCATION. As indicated
  • STOP AT LOCATION. Minehead Bay Siding
  • UNCOUPLE VEHICLES. As indicated
  • STOP AT LOCATION. Minehead Bay Siding
  • Great work! Overnight this locomotive will be refuelled and prepared for duty tomorrow.
  • PARK THE LOCOMOTIVE. Set the Reverser and Master Key to the OFF position, switch off any active lights on the locomotive
  • SHUTDOWN ENGINE. Shut the engine down by using the engine stop button
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