The TEA Tanker Wagon is a tanker wagon included in the BR Heavy Freight Pack. The tankers carry oil and oil products and are designed to operate in heavy unit trains, with each fully loaded wagon weighing as much as 101.6 tons.

BR Heavy Freight Pack
Locomotives BR Class 08 - BR Class 40
Rolling Stock 2-axle Box Van - TEA Tanker Wagon
Tutorials Class 08 Introduction (HFP) - Class 40 Introduction
Scenarios Tools of the Trade - Standedge Struggle - Whistler and Gronk
Miscellaneous Service Timetable
British Wagons and Rolling Stock
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Freight HKA Hopper - FKA Container Flat - 2-axle Box Van - TEA Tanker Wagon - BBA Wagon - HEA Hopper - PCA-V Cement Tank Wagon - JNA Wagon
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