The Spessartrampe is a section of the Main-Spessart Bahn, known for its sustained steep gradient of 2.1% for 5.4 kilometres. Due to the steep grade, many freight trains need banking locomotives to climb the gradient, one of the key features of the Main-Spessart Bahn dlc.

Main-Spessart Bahn
Locomotives DB BR 146 - DB BR 185
Rolling Stock Doppelstockwagen - Habbiins 344 - Laaers 560 - Shimms-U 708 - Zacns
Locations Aschaffenburg HBF - Spessartrampe - Gemünden
Operators Deutsche Bahn
Tutorials DB BR 185.2 Introduction (MSB) - DB BR 146.2 Introduction - DBpbzfa Introduction
Scenarios Saturday Circuit - Auto Runner - Regional Express - Doppelstock Delivery - Fuel Exchange
DLC DB BR 182 - DB BR 155
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