Sand Patch Grade is the first route in Train Sim World. The route was first released as a beta in December 2016 and became part of the CSX Heavy Haul Edition released in March 2017. The AC4400CW, SD40-2, GP38-2 come with the route in CSX Transportation livery.

Introduction Edit

Sand Patch Grade, a vital link in the sprawling 21,000-mile rail system of CSX, crosses the Allegheny Mountains, climbing from Cumberland, Maryland (at an elevation of 627 feet above sea level) to the line’s summit at Sand Patch, Pennsylvania (elevation, 2,258 feet), then beginning a westward descent to Rockwood, Pennsylvania (1,837 feet). To climb over the rugged Alleghenies, Sand Patch Grade’s tough east slope ascent culminates with a 1.94 percent gradient near Manila, then a plunge through 4,475-foot-long Sand Patch tunnel.

It was the famed Baltimore & Ohio – America’s first common-carrier railroad – that fathered Sand Patch, opening the line in the early 1870s as a key route west to Pittsburgh and, eventually, to America’s railroad capital of Chicago.

Today, as CSX’s Keystone Subdivision, Sand Patch Grade serves as a busy conveyor of diverse freight tonnage, including intermodal traffic, coal, coke, minerals, grain, steel, oil, autos and auto parts, and other manufactured products. Locally-originated coal tonnage is loaded at Rockwood on the adjoining S&C Sub and drawn from the Salisbury Branch. And Sand Patch Grade is also host to Amtrak’s daily Washington (D.C.)-Chicago Capitol Limited.

Cumberland, Maryland, at the eastern foot of Sand Patch Grade, is home to a major CSX classification yard and engine terminal facilities.

CSX Heavy Haul Beta Edit

Two sections of the sand patch grade route were featured in the beta; Cumberland Yard & Sand Patch Summit.

Cumberland YardEdit

The Cumberland Yard section focuses around the yard at Cumberland and came with one shunting scenario (Clear Cut).

Sand Patch SummitEdit

The second section was Sand Patch Summit. This section focuses around the main line at the summit and the steep slopes around it. This section also came with one scenario (Sand Patch Summit).


The route covers the Keystone Subdivision from Cumberland, Maryland to Rockwood, Pennsylvania. The route was originally built by the Baltimore & Ohio railroad as their main route through the Allegheny Mountains. In 1972, the route became part of the Chessie System before becoming part of CSX in 1987. Currently, the Amtrak train 'Capitol Limited' runs along the route stopping only at Cumberland. The route includes the freight yard and operational turntable at Cumberland along with Sand Patch Summit, the Rockwood Mine and Salisbury Branch. The route has a maximum gradient of 1.94%.

Locations Edit

  • Cumberland Terminal - A large CSX yard located in the town of Cumberland, MD. This terminal acts as the eastern terminus of the route.
  • Sand Patch - The location of Sand Patch Tunnel and where the Keystone subdivision passes over the summit of the Alleghenies.
  • Shaw Mine - A coal mine located on the Salisbury branch where coal can be loaded.
  • Rockwood Mine - A coal mine located on the Rockwood branch where coal can be loaded.

Rolling StockEdit

  • AC4400CW - Built between 1993 and 2004, CSX Transportation owns more than 600 of the 4400 horsepower locomotives. Available in both yn2 and yn3b liveries in the CSX Heavy Haul Edition of Train Sim World.
  • GP38-2 - Part of the Dash 2 range of EMD locomotives, the GP38-2 was introduced in 1972, 2222 of these 2000 horsepower locomotives were produced, of which CSX gained many from it's predecessor railroads.
  • SD40-2 - Nearly 4000 of these Dash 2 series locomotives were produced between 1972 and 1986, many of which CSX gained from it's predecessor railroads. Available as part of the CSX Heavy Haul edition of Train Sim World, the SD40-2 comes in both yn2 and yn3b liveries.

Freight Cars Edit


In the beta version, 3 tutorials were included.

In the full version of the route, 9 tutorials are included.

Scenarios Edit

In the beta version, 2 scenarios were included.

In the full version of the route, there are 8 scenarios.

  • A Helping Hand - It's your first day on the job. Some cars were recently taken out of a westbound train due to a faulty brake hose not detected before its departure. The cars have been repaired on site at Hyndman and they need to be returned to Cumberland for insertion to another train.
  • Clear Cut - There's work to be done in Cumberland Yard. Switch and service all the required locomotives.
  • Fully Fuelled - You're part of the crew in charge of running an Intermodal train westbound from Cumberland Terminal.
  • Cumberland Charge - A unit coal train has just come out of Shaw Loading Facility on the Salisbury Branch and the crew have reported that one of their motors is not developing full power. Take the locomotives over to Salisbury Junction and meet the train in the loop. While the other crew assist the descent, it's time to shine as you level the train down the grade.
  • Ice and Snow - Having settled into the operations over Sand Patch, you're now getting regularly rostered out on the road. Today you're assigned to the crew of a manifest train.
  • Powering America Part 1 - Having travelled up to Rockwood, you're quickly put to work at the nearby mine. Finish loading a train with coal and prepare it for its journey east to Cumberland Terminal.
  • Powering America Part 2 - With the coal train ready to depart, take to the controls and drive it back to Cumberland Terminal. A congested line and worsening visibility make for a challenging run.
  • Cumberland Switchback - Free to play around Cumberland Terminal. There are no objectives to complete.

Timetable Mode Edit

Service mode
In the beta version, 2 services were included.
  • Eastbound Coal Train
  • Westbound Autotrack Train

In the full version of the game, there is a 24 hour timetable. The full timetable is in the image below. Also, players can select certain locations along the route to spawn their character and railfan or take over a service.

Journey Mode Edit

There are 4 chapters included with the Sand Patch Grade route:


For the signalling used in Sand Patch Grade, see Signalling (Sand Patch Grade).

Route Diagram Edit

Location Image Miles
Cumberland Terminal CTT02 272.7
Hyndman 20180128183203 1 286.1
Sand Patch Tunnel 20170525191930 1 304.0
Meyersdale 20180128183257 1 309.3
Salisbury Junction 20180128183415 1 310.7
Rockwood 20170904171650 1 321.1


  • Centurion: Travelled 100 miles in any locomotive
  • Switcher: Changed a track switch
  • Trailblazer: Travelled 1 mile on foot
  • Rookie: Completed the introduction
  • Mega Train: Travelled 1000 miles in any locomotive
  • Unstoppable: Travelled 10000 miles in any locomotive
  • Pilgrimage: Travelled 100 miles on foot
  • Exodus: Travelled 1000 miles on foot
  • Making Connections: Coupled to your first wagon
  • Miner Achievement: Loaded a coal car
  • Qualified Engineer: Complete all tutorials on Sand Patch Grade
  • Railfan: Took a screenshot
  • Going the distance: Complete a full service
  • If you build it...: Build a consist of 100 cars
  • Hinge Breaker: Use 1000 doors
  • Ventiltor: Use 1000 windows
  • Carbon Overload: Loaded 1000000 tons of coal
  • Switch it up: Changed 500 track switches
  • Casey Jones
  • Powerhaul Prep: Coupled to 1000 cars
  • Connoisseur: Collected all collectables on a route
  • Workaholic: Completed 100 full services on any route
  • Gas Guzzler: Refuel 100 times
  • Mission Possible:Completed all services on a timetable in Sand Patch Grade
  • Super Sand Patch Grade: Completed all scenarios on Sand Patch Grade
  • Wheelhouse Master: Rotated the turntable 360 degrees without stoppin

Console Edit

Sand Patch Grade will be the only route for Train Sim World which will not be released on console. Dovetail Games said that Sand Patch Grade would not be featured in the console versions as the route was 'too resource intensive'. Due to changes in the production of content, all other routes are less resource intensive and so will be released on consoles eventually.

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