The SW1000R is a type of switching locomotive used by Amtrak, which is featured as an add-on for Train Sim World's NEC: New York route, where it is used in Sunnyside Yard.

In 1994, Amtrak purchased 9 SW9s and 1 SW1200 to be rebuilt into the SW1000R.

Also included with the Amtrak SW1000R add-on is the Amfleet Cab Car.

Services Edit

Included with the SW1000R and Amfleet Cab Car are 17 new services, 4 of which are for the SW1000R, and 13 for the Amfleet Cab Car.

Achievements Edit

  • SW1000R: Sunnyside Switcher
  • SW1000R: Sunnyside Up
  • SW1000R: Superb Switching
  • CC: Stainless Steel
  • CC: Keystone King
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