Ruhr Sieg Nord is a German route for Train Sim World, featuring the Ruhr Sieg railway between Hagen and Finnentrop, a distance of 61 kilometres. The route features two locomotives, the DB BR 185 for freight services and the DB BR 143 for passenger services.

Hints[edit | edit source]

Hint 1[edit | edit source]

DgnqP01XkAA3 yb.jpg

The first hint shows a German signal comprising of an entrance signal, a speed limit signal and a signal showing the next aspect. This hint confirmed that the route would be German and due to the type of signal, it couldn't be a loco add-on for Rapid Transit, the previous German route.

Route[edit | edit source]

The route covers the Ruhr Sieg Railway from Hagen HBF to Finnentrop, a primarily freight route, however passenger services do also run. There is a major railfreight yard at Hagen. Along the route there are various freight yards, the largest of which is located at Hagen. Due to the winding nature of the route, speed limits are quite low on many sections, with the maximum speed being 120 km/h.

Locomotives[edit | edit source]

  • DB BR 143 - Built by the East German railway in the 1980s with a maximum speed of 120 km/h, these operate passenger services in conjunction with Doppelstockwagen.
  • DB BR 185 - Part of the Bombardier TRAXX family, these locomotives operate freight services along the route.

Wagons and Coaching Stock[edit | edit source]

Training[edit | edit source]

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

  • Rise and Shine - Bring a passenger train into operation for the morning service.
  • Freight Exchange - Operate the latest shipment of steel outbound to customers, before delivering a train load of lumber to a nearby paper mill.
  • Returning Empty - A fresh rake of empty wagons must be hauled north to Letmathe to keep the wheel of commerce turning.
  • Storm Trail - Keep the vital local train service going amidst a worsening autumn storm.
  • Heavy Metal - Take to the controls of a heavy southbound train heading to Kreutzal yard.

Timetable Mode[edit | edit source]

The route includes a 24-hour timetable featuring both freight and passenger services. The DB BR 185, limited to freight, has 33 services. The DB BR 143, capable of both freight and passenger has 67 services and the Doppelstockwagen has 42 passenger services.

The freight services include full-length runs of the route and shorter services with drop-off and pick-ups along the route. Passenger services comprise of the RE 16 and RB 91 services running between Hagen and Finnentrop along with 'Der Iserlohner', a service operated using a DB BR 143 with just the Doppelstockwagen cab car running between Hagen and Iserlohn-Letmathe.

See the timetable here: Service Timetable - Ruhr-Sieg Nord

Journey Mode[edit | edit source]

The Ruhr-Sieg Nord route contains two different Journey Modes:

Route Diagram[edit | edit source]

Location Image Kilometers
Hagen Hauptbahnhof 20180818172053 1.jpg 0
Hohenlimburg 20180818171818 1.jpg 16.7
Iserlohn-Letmathe 20180818171510 1.jpg 21.0
Altena Altena.jpg 30.0
Werdohl Werdohl.jpg 39.4
Plettenberg Plettenberg.jpg 48.4
Finnentrop Finnen.jpg 61.1

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • BR 143 Ruhr Sieg Express: Complete 143 passenger boarding tasks
  • BR 185 Fast Freight: Reach 85 km/h in the BR 185.2
  • BR 143 Controlled Cruise: Reach 100 km/h in the BR 143
  • BR 185 The Freight Experience: Operate the BR 185.2 for 185 km
  • BR 143 Tap Changer Pro: Operate the BR 143 for 143 km
  • RSN Knowing your TRAXX: Complete the BR 185 Introduction Tutorial
  • RSN Learning the Classics: Complete the BR 143 Introduction Tutorial
  • RSN A day on the DB: Complete 50 Ruhr Sieg Nord services
  • RSN Refurbishment Crew: Collect all collectibles on Ruhr Sieg Nord
  • RSN Valley Veteran: Complete all scenarios on Ruhr Sieg Nord

Add-ons[edit | edit source]

The DB BR 155 locomotive add-on requires the Ruhr Sieg Nord route and adds additional coal services to the route, along with substituting in to the services already available on the route. The DB BR 155 also comes with an additional tutorial and scenarios.

The DB BR 182 locomotive add-on, which requires the Rapid Transit route, can also be substituted in to services on the Ruhr Sieg Nord route.

Ruhr Sieg Nord
Locomotives DB BR 143 - DB BR 185
Rolling Stock Doppelstockwagen - Roos-t 645 - Habbiins 344 - Shimms-U 708 - Shimms-TTU 722
Stations Hagen HBF - Hohenlimburg - Iserlohn-Letmathe - Altena - Werdohl - Plettenberg - Finnentrop
Operators Deutsche Bahn
Training DB BR 185.2 Introduction (RSN) - DB BR 143 Introduction
Scenarios Rise and Shine - Freight Exchange - Returning Empty - Storm Trail - Heavy Metal
Journeys Freight Driver - Passenger Driver
DLC DB BR 155 - DB BR 363
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