The Rhein-Ruhr Osten route is a German route for Train Sim World. It features the 42-kilometre route between Hagen HBF and Wuppertal-Steinbeck, featuring both the mainline and S-Bahn route. The MRCE BR 185.5 and DB BR 422 are both featured with this route.

Hints[edit | edit source]

Hint 1[edit | edit source]


The first hint showed Hagen HBF, featured in the Ruhr Sieg Nord route with a DB BR 143, DB BR 146 in the main picture. Both of these locos were already featured in Train Sim World. To the far left of the image, a new loco could be barely seen. It was unknown what type of loco this is but the best guess was DB BR 422 from the way it looks in the picture. Another clue to this was if you take the number after the 143/146 on both trains they added to 422(246+176).

Route[edit | edit source]

The route runs from Hagen HBF to Wuppertal-Steinbeck, including both the mainline used by freight services and the S-Bahn route via Gevelsberg. Together these lines have a total route length of 42 kilometres. The route is mostly double track though there are some single track sections.

Locomotives[edit | edit source]

  • DB BR 422 - The main passenger EMU on the route. Operated by the Rhein-Ruhr S-Bahn, part of Deutsche Bahn these EMUs are used on local commuter services along the route, capable of speeds up to 140 km/h.
  • MRCE BR 185.5 - The main freight locomotive on the route. It is operated by MRCE, the second German operator to feature in Train Sim World. This locomotive can haul various types of freight at up to 140 km/h.

Training[edit | edit source]

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

  • Setting Out - Bring a locomotive into service and prepare for the day's operations
  • Freight Diversion - Intermodal cargo makes up a large portion of traffic through the Wupper Valley. Take part in these operations by hauling a train east from Wuppertal-Langerfield
  • Commuter Conclusion - Complete the last S-Bahn service for the day and return the train to the depot
  • Technical Difficulties - Operate an Antwerp-bound train from Hagan Yard as far as Wuppertal. Due to its weight, the train will be double-headed
  • Ruhr Run - Take charge of an early morning S-Bahn service bound for Hagen

Timetable[edit | edit source]

Service Timetable: Rhein-Ruhr Osten

Journeys[edit | edit source]

Route Diagram[edit | edit source]


Main Line (Hagen - Wuppertal)[edit | edit source]

Location Image Kilometres
Hagen Hauptbahnhof 0
Ennepetal 11.3
Schwelm 15.8
Schwelm West 17.2
Wuppertal-Langerfeld 19.3
Wuppertal-Oberbarmen 20.8
Wuppertal-Barmen 22.8
Wuppertal-Unterbarmen 24.6
Wuppertal Hauptbahnhof 26.4
Wuppertal-Steinbeck 27.3

S-Bahn Line (Hagen - Schwelm via Gevelsberg)[edit | edit source]

Location Image Kilometres
Hagen Hauptbahnhof 0
Hagen-Wehringhausen 1.2
Hagen-Heubing 3.4
Hagen-Westerbauer 5.7
Gevelsberg-Knapp 7.9
Gevelsberg Hauptbahnhof 10.9
Gevelsberg-Kipp 11.9
Gevelsberg West 12.9
Schwelm 17.2


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