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A passenger train has failed at Leeds. Run out from Holbeck Depot with a spare locomotive, and continue the service to Huddersfield

Task Log and Objectives Edit

  • Welcome to Holbeck. You've been called upon to assist a train that has failed on its way to Huddersfield.
  • Climb aboard this locomotive and head over to Leeds station.
  • CLIMB ABOARD. Close the Battery Isolation Switch and sit in the Driver's seat
  • SET UP CAB. Set the Master Key to ON and Reverser to ENGINE ONLY
  • START UP. Press the Engine Start button
  • BRAKES. Set the Straight Brake to 100% and Driver's Brake to Running
  • DEPART WHEN READY. Set the Reverser to FORWARD, Brakes to RELEASE and increase the Throttle
  • STOP AT LOCATION. Holbeck MPD Siding 2
  • COUPLE TO FORMATION. Head into Leeds station
  • This train is bound for Huddersfield, so we need you to complete its journey. Prepare the train and await clearance to depart.
  • FAILED LOCOMOTIVE. Set the Hand Brake to RELEASE
  • RETURN TO CAB. Return to the leading locomotive
  • BRAKE TEST. Set the Reverser to FORWARD and Driver's Brake to FULL SERVICE
  • BRAKE TEST. Return the Driver's Brake to INITIAL APPLICATION
  • DEPART WHEN READY. Set the Driver's Brake to RUNNING and increase the Throttle when ready
  • STOP AT LOCATION. Dewsbury - 10:55:00
  • LOAD PASSENGERS. Unlock Doors
  • STOP AT LOCATION. Huddersfield - 11:08:00
  • Well Done. The passengers have reached their destination.
  • SECURE THE LOCOMOTIVE. Set the Master Key and Reverser to OFF and the Driver's Brake to Shutdown.
  • DISEMBARK. Climb down from the train to complete this duty.
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