This is a list of Downloadable content available on the Steam/PS4/Xbox Stores for Train Sim World. This does not include freeware add-ons or payware add-ons not available on the Steam/PS4/Xbox Stores. This list also includes content confirmed to be released in the future on the Steam/PS4/Xbox Stores.

Country CodesEdit

United States
United Kingdom



DLC Image Developer PC Release Console Release
CSX Heavy Haul CSX Heavy Haul Dovetail Games 16th March 2017 N/A
Great Western Express Great Western Express Dovetail Games 14th September 2017 9th March 2018 (Xbox)

24th July 2018 (PS4)

CSX GP40-2 Header Dovetail Games 29th November 2017 24th July 2018
Rapid Transit Headerrt Dovetail Games 14th December 2017 24th July 2018


DLC Image Developer PC Release Console Release
NEC: New York Headernec Dovetail Games 20th March 2018 24th July 2018
West Somerset Railway Wsrheader Dovetail Games 24th May 2018 11th September 2018
Ruhr Sieg Nord Headerrsn Dovetail Games 16th August 2018 9th October 2018
Long Island Rail Road Header (2) Dovetail Games 20th November 2018 27th November 2018
BR Class 33 Header33 Dovetail Games 27th November 2018 8th January 2019
Northern Trans-Pennine Headerntp Dovetail Games 13th December 2018 15th January 2019


DLC Image Developer PC Release Console Release
Main-Spessart Bahn Header (3) Dovetail Games 21st February 2019 12th March 2019
DB BR 182 Header182 Dovetail Games 11th April 2019 11th April 2019 (Xbox)

12th April 2019 (PS4)

DB BR 155 Header155 Dovetail Games 25th April 2019 25th April 2019
BR Class 52 Header52 Dovetail Games 2nd May 2019 2nd May 2019
Tees Valley Line Headertvl Dovetail Games 23rd May 2019 23rd May 2019
BR Heavy Freight Pack Hfpheader Dovetail Games 6th June 2019 6th June 2019
Amtrak SW1000R Header-0 Dovetail Games 20th June 2019 20th June 2019 (Xbox)

21st June 2019 (PS4)

Peninsula Corridor Headersfj Dovetail Games 15th August 2019 15th August 2019
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