Since the release of the main game 'Train Sim World' in 2017 the game has grown by several DLCs, which are listed below.
The table lists the DLCs that can be purchased from Steam , the PlayStation Store and the XBox (Microsoft) Store .
It also contains the DLCs that have already been announced but not yet released.

NOTE: Most Train Sim World 1 content will become part of the Preserved Collection for Train Sim World 2 over time. The only Train Sim World 1 content which will not become part of the Preserved Collection are NEC: New York, CSX GP40-2 and Amtrak SW1000R.

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Train Sim World[edit | edit source]

2017[edit | edit source]

DLC Image Developer PC Release Console Release
CSX Heavy Haul (Sand Patch Grade) CSX Heavy Haul.jpg Dovetail Games 16th March 2017 20th August 2020
Great Western Express Great Western Express.jpg Dovetail Games 14th September 2017

9th March 2018 (Xbox)

24th July 2018 (PS4)

CSX GP40-2 Header.jpg Dovetail Games 29th November 2017 24th July 2018
Rapid Transit Headerrt.jpg Dovetail Games 14th December 2017 24th July 2018

2018[edit | edit source]

DLC Image Developer PC Release Console Release
NEC: New York Headernec.jpg Dovetail Games 20th March 2018 24th July 2018
West Somerset Railway Wsrheader.jpg Dovetail Games 24th May 2018 11th September 2018
Ruhr Sieg Nord Headerrsn.jpg Dovetail Games 16th August 2018 9th October 2018
Long Island Rail Road Header (2).jpg Dovetail Games 20th November 2018 27th November 2018
BR Class 33 Header33.jpg Dovetail Games 27th November 2018 8th January 2019
Northern Trans-Pennine Headerntp.jpeg Dovetail Games 13th December 2018 15th January 2019

2019[edit | edit source]

DLC Image Developer PC Release Console Release
Main-Spessart Bahn Header (3).jpg Dovetail Games 21st February 2019 12th March 2019
DB BR 182 Header182.jpg Dovetail Games 11th April 2019

11th April 2019 (Xbox)

12th April 2019 (PS4)

DB BR 155 Header155.jpg Dovetail Games 25th April 2019 25th April 2019
BR Class 52 Header52.jpg Dovetail Games 2nd May 2019 2nd May 2019
Tees Valley Line Headertvl.jpg Dovetail Games 23rd May 2019 23rd May 2019
BR Heavy Freight Pack Hfpheader.jpg Dovetail Games 6th June 2019 6th June 2019
Amtrak SW1000R Header-0.jpg Dovetail Games 20th June 2019

20th June 2019 (Xbox)

21st June 2019 (PS4)

Peninsula Corridor Headersfj.jpg Dovetail Games 15th August 2019 15th August 2019
Rhein-Ruhr Osten Header rro.jpg Dovetail Games 10th October 2019 10th October 2019
BR Class 31 Headerbrclass31.jpg Dovetail Games 14th November 2019 14th November 2019
East Coastway Eastcoastwayheader.jpg Dovetail Games 12th December 2019 12th December 2019

2020[edit | edit source]

DLC Image Developer Release
MP36PH-3C Mp36header.jpg Dovetail Games 13th February 2020
CN Oakville Subdivision Headercn.jpg Dovetail Games 20th February 2020
MP15DC Headermp15dc.jpg Dovetail Games 19th March 2020
Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr Hrrheader.jpg Dovetail Games 24th March 2020
DB BR 204 Header204.jpg Rivet Games 21st April 2020
LIRR M3 M3header.jpg Dovetail Games 14th May 2020
BR Class 20 Header20.jpg Dovetail Games 18th June 2020

Train Sim World 2[edit | edit source]

2020[edit | edit source]

DLC Image Developer Release
Köln Schnellfahrstrecke Koln Thumbnail.jpg Dovetail Games 20th August 2020
Bakerloo Line Bakerlooline.jpg Dovetail Games 20th August 2020
Isle of Wight Rivet Games TBA

In Production[edit | edit source]

DLC Image Developer Release
Munich - Augsburg Dovetail Games TBA
Southeastern High Speed Dovetail Games TBA
LGV Méditerranée Dovetail Games TBA
DB BR 363 Dovetail Games TBA
CSX C40-8W Dovetail Games TBA

In Planning[edit | edit source]

Please note that as this content is only in the planning stage there is no need for articles as of yet

DLC Developer
Arosa Line Rivet Games
Cane Creek Skyhook Games
Clinchfield Railroad Dovetail Games
Hamburg - Lubeck Dovetail Games
BR Class 313 Dovetail Games
BR Class 465 Dovetail Games
DB BR 101 Dovetail Games
DB BR 187 Skyhook Games
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