Take the assigned locomotive from Williton Diesel Depot and run it light down to Bishops Lydeard ready to start services for the day.


  • UNLOCK THE JUNCTIONS: Set the Track ready for departure
  • CLIMB ABOARD: Sit in the Driver's seat of the locomotive
  • UNLOCK THE TRAIN: Set the Master Key to ON
  • TRAIN SETUP: Set the Reverser and Headlights
  • READY TO DEPART: Set the Brakes to RELEASE and increase the Throttle
  • GO VIA LOCATION: Williton Down Platform
  • GO VIA LOCATION: Crowcombe Heathfield Loop Platform
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Just before Bishops Lydeard
  • CONTACT THE SIGNALBOX: Request permission to proceed
  • COUPLE TO FORMATION: Stop close, climb down and manually couple to the coaches
  • TRAIN SHUTDOWN: Set the Reverser to OFF and switch the Headlights OFF
  • LOCK THE TRAIN: Set the Master Key to OFF
  • DISEMBARK: Climb down from the train to complete this duty

Task LogEdit

  • Welcome to Williton. Take this Class 47 locomotive 'light engine' down to Bishops Lydeard for the start of operations.
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