Description Edit

A Crompton service is due for arrival and requires refuelling. When safe to do so, get the job done.

Objectives Edit

  • WAIT FOR SERVICE: Wait for the service and passenger boarding to complete.
  • UNCOUPLE VEHICLES: 4 vehicles
  • CLIMB ABOARD: Sit in the Driver's seat of the locomotive
  • MASTER KEY: Activate the Master Key
  • REVERSER: Set the Reverser to the FORWARD position
  • RELEASE THE BRAKES: Set the Driver's Brake to RUNNING
  • THROTTLE: Set the Throttle to above the ON position
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Williton Down Line
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Williton South Yard Shunt
  • FUEL CAP: Remove the fuel cap from the locomotive
  • FUEL HOSE: Connect the fuel hose to the locomotive
  • REFUEL LOCOMOTIVE: Refuel the locomotive to maximum fuel capacity
  • FINISH REFUELLING: Place the fuel hose and fuel cap back
  • CLIMB ABOARD: Sit in the driver's seat of the locomotive
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Williton Yard Entrance
  • COUPLE TO FORMATION: 4 vehicles
  • SECURE LOCO: Secure the loco before exiting
  • DISEMBARK: Climb down from the train

Task Log Edit

  • Afternoon, Driver. You'll be taking control of the local Crompton from the approaching service and performing a quick refuel to allow it to carry onto Minehead.
  • Good work, the Crompton is now refueled and ready for the last leg of it's run to Minehead. Secure the loco before departing.
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