The Peninsula Corridor route covers Caltrain's Peninsula Corridor between San Francisco and San Jose, a distance of 47 miles. The rolling stock included are the Caltrain F40PH-2CAT, Gallery Carriages and the Union Pacific GP38-2.

It is included in the Train Sim World 2020 Digital Deluxe Edition and as a seperate purchase.

Hints Edit

Hint 1 Edit

Something new

The first hint showed the edge of a platform, showing that this route would include passenger operations. Based off of the style of the platform edge and the achievements, it was speculated that the route may be the Peninsula Corridor from San Francisco to San Jose.

Route Edit

The route covers the Peninsula Corridor route between San Francisco 4th and King Street and San Jose Diridon, a distance of 47 miles. The route is operated by Caltrain, which operates passenger services along the route. Union Pacific also provides freight services to several locations along the route.

Locomotives Edit

  • F40PH-2CAT - The principle passenger locomotive on the route. 15 of these locomotives are operated by Caltrain and travel in the southbound direction towards San Jose.
  • Gallery Cab Car - The Gallery Cab Car is a Non-Powered Control Unit which operates with the F40PH-2CAT, used as the driving cab for trains in the northbound direction towards San Francisco.
  • GP38-2 - The GP38-2 in Union Pacific is the freight locomotive used on the route. One of the most common types of locomotives in the United States, the GP38-2 operates a variety of freight services along the route.

Wagons and Coaching Stock Edit

Training Edit

Scenarios Edit

  • Californian Commuter - Take charge of a southbound service en-route to San Jose. The train has reached Millbrae and is ready for departure.
  • Clean and Tidy - Join a service on its final stops into San Jose before taking the train out of service and operating it back to the Central Equipment Maintenance and Operations facility just north of the station.
  • Dirty Dirt Drive - The operation of removing contaminated material to support the construction of a new stadium continues at a pace. Take charge of the latest train to head south with its special cargo.
  • Rocky Road - Maintain local industry by delivering the latest shipment of aggregates to a nearby construction supplier.
  • Home Run - Operate an extra service, put in place to support events at Oracle Park.

Timetable Mode Edit

156 services operate over a 24 hour timetable on the Peninsula Corridor. The timetable can be accessed here.

Journey Mode Edit

Route Diagram Edit


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Route TableEdit

Location Image Miles
San Francisco 4th and King Street 20190816195121 1 0
22nd Street 20190816195242 1 1.7
Bayshore 20190816195339 1 5
South San Francisco 20190816195516 1 9.1
San Bruno 20190816195601 1 11.4
Millbrae 20190816195756 1 13.5
Broadway 20190816200406 1 15
Burlingame 20190816200522 1 16.1
San Mateo 20190816200609 1 17.7
Hayward Park 20190816200652 1 18.9
Hillsdale 20190816200753 1 20.1
Belmont 20190816201216 1 21.7
San Carlos 20190816201334 1 23
Redwood City 20190816201440 1 25.2
Atherton 27.6
Menlo Park 28.7
Palo Alto 29.9
Stanford 30.6
California Avenue 31.6
San Antonio 33.9
Mountain View 35.9
Sunnyvale 38.6
Lawrence 40.6
Santa Clara 44.1
College Park 45.5
San Jose Diridon 46.7

Add-Ons Edit

This route adds the option of purchasing two extra packs with the route: the first being MP36PH-3C. It contains a new locomotive, the MP36PH-3C which can be used to substitute for select services in service mode but adds no extra services.It brings its own tutorial, scenarios, and achievements. The pack also includes the Bombardier Bi-Level Carriages and Cab Car. The second pack being MP15DC. It contains a new locomotive, the MP15DC.

Achievements Edit

  • SFJ: The Fog Has Lifted - Complete all Tutorials
  • SFJ: California Completionist - Complete all Scenarios
  • SFJ: Discovery Bay - Collect all Collectables
  • SFJ: The Golden Gate - Reach Route Level 20
  • SFJ: Let's go to San Francisco - Complete 1 service on Peninsula Corridor
  • SFJ: The Big One - Complete 100 Services
  • SFJ: Purr-fect Performance - Complete the F40PH-2CAT Introduction tutorial
  • SFJ: Move Any Mountain - Complete scenario 'Rocky Road'
  • F40PH: Run Cat Run - Complete 40 passenger boarding tasks with the F40PH-2CAT
  • F40PH: Four One Five - Operate the F40PH-2CAT for 400 miles
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