Northern Trans-Pennine is the third UK route for Train Sim World, covering the 43 mile line from Manchester Victoria to Leeds via Huddersfield set during 1983. The three locomotives included with the route are the BR Class 45, Class 47 and a 2-car Class 101, all in British Rail blue livery. This Route is also included in the TSW 2020 bundle, released on the 15th August 2019.

An Introduction to Northern Trans-Pennine[edit | edit source]

What exist today as the line between Manchester and Leeds dates back to 1849, when the Manchester, Stockport and Leeds Railway opened between Huddersfield and Stalybridge. This stretch was soon extended, and eventually incorporated into the larger London and North Western Railway network.

The line was built following the success of the Leeds - Liverpool canal, which since 1816 transported coal and materials between Yorkshire and Lancashire in order to power the revolutionised industries of the era, such as textiles. The canal was running at capacity, competition on the waters was near-impossible, and the quantity of moved goods was not sufficient. It was time for the rails take charge.

While some railway routes took the easier, lower paths though the Pennies, the line via Huddersfield would tackle the hillside directly, consequently following smaller canals such as the Huddersfield Narrow Canal through the summit of the route at Standedge Tunnel. This railway tunnel itself ran parallel to the canal tunnel (the deepest, longest, and highest of its kind in Britain), and was engineered by Thomas Nicholson (1784-1861), who also worked on the famed Woodhead Tunnels.

The railway opened to traffic in July 1849, and saw over 1,000 passengers on its first day of operation. This number would only increase, and today, the line is one of the busiest in West Yorkshire.

An interesting feature of the route in the 1980s is that it was not fitted with AWS or other modern safety systems until much later and following the electrification of the East Coast Main Line in the days just before privatisation in 1992. the route featured in Train Sim World also replicates this and will provide an interesting perspective of what it was like to drive trains without any of the modern protections every driver or railfan takes granted today. Do you have what it takes to remain totally focused on the road ahead?

Route[edit | edit source]

The route covers the TransPennine route from Manchester Victoria to Leeds via Huddersfield. The route is set in 1983 when British Rail operated the line and before the introduction of AWS on to the route. The route passes through the Pennines, a mountain range in Northern England. At the summit of the route is Standedge tunnel, which is over 3 miles long.

Locomotives[edit | edit source]

  • BR Class 45 - Known as 'Peaks', these locomotives operated trans-Pennine passenger services
  • BR Class 47 - These locos operated both passenger and freight trains across the entire British Rail network
  • BR Class 101 - These Diesel Multiple Units operated local passenger services across the entire British Rail network

Coaching Stock[edit | edit source]

BR Mark 2 TSO

Training[edit | edit source]

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

  • Trans-Pennine - Operate a short service over the summit of the Northern Trans-Pennine main line.
  • Driving Rain - Join an eastbound locomotive hauled service outside Huddersfield and complete the journey through to Leeds.
  • Down and Out - Complete a passenger run into Manchester Victoria, before taking the train out of service and heading to Newton Heath depot.
  • Rescue Run - A passenger train has failed at Leeds. Run out from Holbeck Depot with a spare locomotive, and continue the service to Huddersfield.
  • Red Bank Rotation - Take a freshly prepared rake of coaches into Manchester Victoria, before bringing another train back to Red Bank Carriage Sidings.

Timetable[edit | edit source]

127 services operate over a 24 hour timetable on the Northern Trans-Pennine Route. The timetable can be accessed here. There BR Heavy Freight Pack also adds additional services.

Passenger Services (Class 45/Class 47)[edit | edit source]

  • Manchester - Leeds

Each of these services operates once every hour during the day.

Passenger Services (Class 101 DMU)[edit | edit source]

  • Manchester - Leeds (All stops)
  • Hudderfield - Leeds (All stops)

Each of these services operates once every hour during the day.

Freight Services (Class 45/Class 47)[edit | edit source]

Travelling Post Office[edit | edit source]

Manchester - Leeds

Leeds - Manchester

Each of these services operates once daily per day

Journeys[edit | edit source]

  • Chapter 1 - Locomotive Driver - Class 47 and Class 45 locomotives form the mainstay of passenger transport on the line at the moment, get to grips with them and start learning the line by taking on duties.
  • Chapter 2 - DMU Driver - It's time to take to the controls of the Class 101 DMU, learn to master the manual gearing system and peform stopping passenger service duties along the line.

Mastery (Train Sim World)[edit | edit source]

Tier 1[edit | edit source]


  • Peak Driver - Gain 5 Levels on the Class 45
  • Trans-Pennine Experience - Complete 10 Services
  • Trans-Pennine Learner - Complete a Tutorial
  • Leeds DMU Driver - Gain 5 Levels on the Class 101

Reward - Northern Trans-Pennine Diorama

Tier 2[edit | edit source]


  • Trans-Pennine Finisher - Complete 5 Scenarios
  • Trans-Pennine Long Hauler - Drive 250 Miles
  • Trans-Pennine Master - Gain 10 Levels on the Route
  • Trans-Pennine Driver - Complete 20 Services

Reward - Northern Trans-Pennine Scenery Tile (Hot Air Balloons near Marsden)

Route Diagram[edit | edit source]

Location Image Miles
Manchester Victoria 20181230113402 1.jpg 0
Miles Platting 20181230113511 1.jpg 1.5
Park 20181230113547 1.jpg 2.25
Ashton-Under-Lyne 20181230113648 1.jpg 6.5
Stalybridge 20181230113727 1.jpg 8
Mossley 20181230113759 1.jpg 10.5
Greenfield 20181230113833 1.jpg 12.75
Marsden 20190120134114 1.jpg 18.5
Slaithwaite 20190120134148 1.jpg 21
Huddersfield 20190120134225 1.jpg 25.75
Deighton 20190120134258 1.jpg 27.75
Mirfield 20190120134337 1.jpg 30.5
Ravensthorpe 20190120134418 1.jpg 32.25
Dewsbury 20190120134452 1.jpg 33.75
Batley 20190120134630 1.jpg 35
Morley Tunnel 37
Morley 20190120134717 1.jpg 38.25
Leeds 20190120134816 1.jpg 42.75

Add-Ons[edit | edit source]

This route adds the option of purchasing an extra pack with the route: the BR Heavy Freight Pack. It contains two new locomotives, the BR Class 08 and the BR Class 40. Two new wagons are included as well to add freight scenarios and services into the Pennines. They are the TEA Tanker Wagon and the 2-axle Box Van. They bring their own tutorials, scenarios, service mode and achievements.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Class 47: Maxed Out: Reach a speed of 75 mph in the Class 47
  • Class 45: Hit the Peak: Operate the Class 45 for 450 miles
  • Class 101: Drive this way: Operate the Class 101 for 1001 miles
  • Class 45: Revv'd Up: Complete the Diesel Locomotives Introduction Tutorial
  • Class 101: Mechanical Master: Complete the Class 101 Introduction Tutorial
  • Class 101: With or Without you: Complete 101 passenger boarding tasks
  • NTP: Every Train you take: Complete 50 Northern Trans-Pennine services
  • NTP: Trans-Pennine Traveller: Complete all scenarios on Northern Trans-Pennine
  • NTP: The Magic Number: Reach Route Level 20 on Northern Trans-Pennine
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