The Main-Spessart Bahn route for Train Sim World features the 52 km section of the Main-Spessart Bahn from Aschaffenburg HBF to Gemünden, known for its steep gradients of up to 2.1%. The route is set before 2017 when a new tunnel was built replacing the steepest section of the route. This is the first route to feature working electronic destination blinds; mechanical destination blinds were previously featured in the Northern Trans-Pennine route. This Route is also included in the TSW 2020 bundle, being released on the 15th August 2019.


Hint 1Edit

Tease 1080

The first hint showed the cab of a 4th Generation Doppelstockwagen, the same as featured in Ruhr Sieg Nord, confirming that it would be included in the upcoming route. It was speculated that Dovetail Games were hinting at an update to include working destination displays in Ruhr Sieg Nord. The release date was also confirmed as it is shown in the display in the left of the image.

Hint 2 Edit


The second hint showed the side of a Doppelstockwagen coach with a pixelated destination display, indicating that destination displays would be included in the next route. The destination display appeared to read "Aschaffenburg HBF" creating speculation that the next route would be from Aschaffenburg to either Frankfurt or Wurzburg. The locomotive at the front of the consist was correctly speculated to be a DB BR 146, a new locomotive to TSW and the freight wagons to the right of the image are Shimms-U 708.

Hint 3 Edit

Day 3
The third hint showed the destination display of the Doppelstockwagen Cab Car, again showing "Aschaffenburg HBF" as the destination. In the background can be seen the Shimms-U 708 wagons again.

Route Edit

The Main-Spessart Bahn route runs from Aschaffenburg HBF at the western end to Gemünden at the eastern end. It is most well known for the 5.4 km section of 2.1% gradient, where banking locomotives are used to help heavy freight trains. ICE, IC, RE, RB and freight services operate along the route, however only RE, RB and freight services are modelled in the dlc.

Locomotives Edit

  • DB BR 146 - A passenger variant of the Bombardier TRAXX which operates Regional Express and Regional Bahn services along the Main-Spessart Bahn
  • DB BR 185 - A freight variant of the Bombardier TRAXX which operates freight services along the route. Within the dlc, these are also used as banking locomotives to help heavy freight trains over the steep gradients.

Training Edit

Scenarios Edit

  • Saturday Circuit - Due to engineering works in the tunnel at Heigenbrücken, operate a short return service out to Laufach from Aschaffenburg Hbf.
  • Auto Runner - Convey a train of new cars down to the yards at Aschaffenburg, for onward shipment from the port.
  • Regional Express - Operate a fast service over the Main-Spessart Bahn with only limited stops.
  • Doppelstock Delivery - Aid in delivery of newly refurbished trains to the area, by completing the last leg into Aschaffenburg
  • Fuel Exchange - Take part in hauling a huge shipment of aviation fuel heading east. A banker will join the train at Laufach for the climb to Heigenbrücken.

Timetable Mode Edit

The Main-Spessart Bahn comes with a complete 24-hour service timetable, including a variety of passenger and freight services using the DB BR 146.2, DB BR 185.2, DB BR 766.2 control car and for owners of Ruhr Sieg Nord, the DB BR 143.

Passenger Services (DB BR 146.2/DB BR 143) Edit

  • Aschaffenburg - Gemünden (All stops)
  • Gemünden - Lohr (All stops)
  • Heigenbrücken - Gemünden (Limited stops)
  • Aschaffenburg - Heigenbrücken (All stops)

Each of these services operates once every hour during the day.

Passenger Services (DB BR 766.2) Edit

  • Gemünden - Aschaffenburg (All stops)
  • Heigenbrücken - Aschaffenburg (All stops)
  • Lohr - Gemünden (All stops)
  • Gemünden - Heigenbrücken (Limited stops)

Each of these services operates once every hour during the day.

Freight Services (DB BR 185.2/DB BR 143/DB BR 182/DB BR 155) Edit

  • DB 83xxx: Services from Aschaffenburg to Laufach without a banking locomotive, Laufach to Heigenbrücken with a banking locomotive and from Heigenbrücken to Gemünden without a banking locomotive
  • DB 86xxx: Non-stop eastbound freight services from Aschaffenburg to Gemünden. These services do not need banking locomotives beween Laufach and Heigenbrücken
  • DB 88xxx: Non-stop westbound freight services from Gemünden to Aschaffenburg. These services go downhill between Heigenbrücken and Laufach so do not need a banking locomotive.
  • DB 89xxx: Banking locomotive coupling to heavy freight services at Laufach and the return journey of the banking locomotive from Heigenbrücken to Laufach

Only Railion liveried DB BR 185.2 locomotives can operate DB 83xxx or 89xxx services. The DB BR 143 can only operate selected DB 86xxx and DB 88xxx services.

The DB BR 155 and DB BR 182 can be swapped into services on this route. They can operate DB 86xxx and 88xxx services.

Journey Mode Edit

There are 5 chapters included with the Main-Spessart Bahn route:

  • Chapter 1 - Passenger Loco Driver - Learn to drive the BR146.2 and about the the various passenger routes on this line
  • Chapter 2 - Passenger Cab Car Driver - Change ends and get some experience driving the train from the Cab Car
  • Chapter 3 - Freight Driver - A change of pace as you take on the BR 185.2 freight locomotive and we start with some freight duties
  • Chapter 4 - Banker - A key operational feature of this line is the need for heavy freight trains to be banked using a helper locomotive up the Spessart-Rampe. Learn how this works and get in some experience.
  • Chapter 5 - Driver - Put all your skills to the test as you step up to being a full mainline certified driver taking on tasks across the breadth of the operations on this railway

Mastery Edit

Tier 1Edit


  • Spessart Learner - Complete a Tutorial
  • Spessart Passenger Driver - Gain 5 Levels on the BR 146.2
  • Servicing the Main-Spessart Bahn - Complete 10 Services
  • Spessart Freight Driver - Gain 5 Levels on the BR 185.2

Reward - Main-Spessart Bahn Diorama

Tier 2Edit


  • Spessart Driver - Complete 20 Services
  • Spessart Master - Gain 10 Levels on the Route
  • Spessart Long Hauler - Drive 250 Miles/400km
  • Spessart Finisher - Complete 5 Scenarios

Reward - Main-Spessart Bahn Scenery Tile(Construction Site)

Route Diagram Edit

Location Image Kilometres
Aschaffenburg Hauptbahnhof 20190223091321 1 0
Hosbach 20190223091406 1 6.5
Laufach 20190223091441 1 10.5
Heigenbrücken 20190223091519 1 17.5
Wiesthal 20190614192947 1 24
Partenstein 20190614193100 1 31.5
Lohr am Main 20190614193323 1 38
Langenprozelten 20190614193416 1 48.5
Gemünden 20190614193527 1 51.5

Add-Ons Edit

This route comes with an additional locomotive to purchase, the DB BR 204, enabling you to use the Aschaffenburg Docks area for shunting operations.

Achievements Edit

  • MSB Spessart Wanderer - Reach Route Level 20 on Main-Spessart Bahn
  • MSB Bavarian Bounty - Collect all collectables on Main-Spessart Bahn
  • MSB All in Order - Complete all scenarios on Main-Spessart Bahn
  • MSB Trio Triumph - Complete all tutorials on Main-Spessart Bahn
  • MSB Welcome to Main Spessart Bahn - Complete 1 service on Main-Spessart Bahn
  • MSB Clean Sweep - Complete 100 services on Main-Spessart Bahn
  • BR146 Tour Guide - Complete 146 passenger boarding tasks with the BR 146.2
  • BR146 Making Tracks - Operate the BR 146.2 a distance of 1462 km
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