The MP36PH-3C is a locomotive used by Caltrain for express services on the Peninsula Corridor route. It is featured in Train Sim World as a locomotive DLC which released on the 13th February 2020. Also included with the MP36PH-3C DLC are the Bombardier Bi-Level Carriages.

Tutorials Edit

  • MP36PH-3C Introduction - Learn the basics of driving a MP36PH-3C diesel-electric locomotive, passenger operations, and recovery from an emergency stop.
  • Bi-Level Cab Car Introduction - Learn the basics of driving a Bi-Level Cab Car, passenger operations, and recovery from an emergency stop.

Scenarios Edit

  • Early Riser - Prepare the train for departure, get it fuelled up and ready for a morning Bullet service from San Jose.
  • Cruising the Bay - Attempt to keep this Baby Bullet service on time while travelling across the Bay Area.
  • Bay Area Breakdown - Prepare and drive a Baby Bullet service south to San Jose, through the sweltering summer heat.

Timetable Edit

The MP36PH-3C runs a 24 hr timetable on Peninsula Corridor. Links can be found below to the appropriate timetables:

Journey Mode Edit

Achievements Edit

  • MP36PH: Bringing the Baby Back: Complete the MP36PH Baby Bullet Introduction
  • MP36PH: Left in the Dark: Complete the MP36PH Scenario 'Bay Area Breakdown'
  • MP36PH: Bay City Bullet: Complete 15 services using the MP36PH
  • MP36PH: My Baby and Me: Reach Loco Level 10 in the MP36PH
  • MP36PH: Baby Steps: Operate the MP36PH for 360 miles
Rolling Stock Bombardier Bi-Level Carriages
Training MP36PH-3C Introduction - Bi-Level Cab Car Introduction
Scenarios Early Riser - Cruising the Bay - Bay Area Breakdown
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