LGV Méditerranée is a route for Train Sim World 2. It features the 93 kilometres route between Marseille and Avignon with the TGV Duplex.

Introducing LGV Méditerranée[edit | edit source]

Experience the excitement of high-speed rail, aboard the iconic TGV Duplex, through sun-soaked Southern France with Train Sim World 2: LGV Méditerranée. This cutting edge route forces its way across sprawling fields and wide valleys, featuring mindblowing tunnels, viaducts and gradients.

History meets state-of-the-art infrastructure on LGV Méditerranée, the classic Marseille-Saint-Charles station and main line contrasts greatly to the modern masterpieces that are Aix-en-Provence and Avignon TGV stations, which are linked by purpose-built high-speed rail capable of supporting 320 km/h operation.

Take on the challenge of operating the TGV Duplex, this state-of the-art unit boasts a capacity exceeding 500 passengers, thanks to its twin deck configuration, and to ensure safety at the highest speeds is fitted with no less than 4 safety-critical systems; KVB, VACMA, Crocodile and TVM-430.

Route[edit | edit source]

The route covers the 93 kilometres high speed LGV Méditerranée from Marseille to Avignon via Aix-en-Provence. The LGV Méditerranée is a dedicated high speed railway opened in 2001 with speeds of up to 320 km/h. This has resulted in many viaducts and tunnels being needed along the route in order to maintain high speeds.

Locomotives[edit | edit source]

  • TGV Duplex - The TGV Duplex is a double-deck high speed EMU operated by SNCF on France's LGV network as well as on conventional railways. It is now one of the most common types of TGV, with 141 built.

Training[edit | edit source]

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

  • High Speed Rain - Operate a high-speed service from Marseille to Avignon.
  • Marseille Return - Operate a high-speed service to Marseille then operate a return journey to Avignon.
  • Bad Things - Take control of a high-speed service to Marseille and reach your destination without any issues.
  • Depot Duty - Perform morning duties at Marseille and handle any trains that are required for service.
  • Evening Engineering - Operate a evening service to Marseille whilst avoiding delays due to the on-going engineering work.

Timetable Mode[edit | edit source]

It has 52 services, including depot services and normal high-speed runs.

Service Timetable: LGV Méditerranée

Timetable[edit | edit source]

Journey Mode[edit | edit source]

Route Diagram[edit | edit source]

Location Image Kilometres
Marseille Saint-Charles 0
Technicentre Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Aix-en-Provence TGV 19.6
Avignon TGV 93.5

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • LGV: TGV Trained: Complete all training modules on LGV Méditerranée
  • LGV: A Great Triumph: Complete all scenarios on LGV Méditerranée
  • LGV: Master of the Méditerranée: Complete all route tasks on LGV Méditerranée
  • LGV: Starting off Strong: Complete 1 service on LGV Méditerranée
  • LGV: West of the Line: Complete 50 services on LGV Méditerranée
  • LGV: Ready for Service: Complete LGV Méditerranée scenario 'Depot Duty'
  • LGV: Battling the Elements: Complete LGV Méditerranée scenario 'Bad Things'
  • TGV: A French Connection: Complete 150 Passenger Boarding Tasks on the TGV Duplex
  • TGV: Breezing Through: Operate the TGV Duplex for 20 kilometers
  • TGV: Over in a Flash: Operate the TGV Duplex for 200 kilometers

LGV Méditerranée
Locomotives TGV Duplex
Stations Marseille Saint-Charles - Aix-en-Provence TGV - Avignon TGV
Operators SNCF
Training LGV Méditerranée Route Introduction - TGV Duplex Series 200 Introduction
Scenarios High Speed Rain - Marseille Return - Bad Things - Depot Duty - Evening Engineering
Journeys TBA
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