Welcome to this tutorial on driving the ACS-64 as featured in the NEC: New York dlc. Any questions about this tutorial can be asked in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Driving the Locomotive Edit


Unlike diesel passenger locomotives, electric passengers have more flow to the controls because of advance braking and signaling as well as an improved comfort design in the cab. To the right of the desk are brakes, headlights, wipers, and horn. The red lever on the left is the Automatic (Train) brake, while the black is the Independent (Loco) brake. Next to the brakes are switches and buttons for Sand, Front Headlight, Ditch Light, Bell, and Horn (High and Low). To the Left of the Desk has Throttle, Reverser, Pantograph, MCB, Alerter, Desk and Cab Lights. The only functional switch mounted on the panels is the Wipers. And at the front of the desk is a Monitor that tracks everything in the locomotive functions. Next to the monitor at the right, is the ATC and ACSES Display, displaying authorized speed, Time Penalty, and a Built-in Cab Signal. While the display is very useful, for the ATC and ACSES, may only use it as a guideline to understand stopping distances and speed restrictions on the route.

Starting the Locomotive Edit

To start the ACS-64, hold down the Battery Control, at the back of the Cab, for 5 seconds to start up the system.


Behind you in the Cab

Before continuing, make sure the Reverser is at Neutral or the locomotive won't properly work. Next is which side of the Pantograph to use. The Pantograph Selector is located on the battery cabinet in the machine room, looking front is at the back inside & at the rear cab is right behind the door.


In the Machine Room

The Pantograph Selector knob can go either Rear (Front Cab), Front (Opposite Cab) or Either. Next, enter the Cab you're gonna be driving forward on.


Left Side

On the desk to the bottom left of the monitor, two buttons that'll make the pantograph go up or down, and press the Pantograph Up to raise the selected pantograph. And finally next to the pantograph button, is the Main Circuit Breaker (MCB). Switch the MCB to closed to power the current from the pantograph to the locomotive.


Right Side

Make sure to check the Brakes are properly functional by releasing and applying back. To add the additional safety to your train, switch the Alerter, ATC and/or ACSES on at the back of the cab. And for functional passenger coaches, make sure to turn on the HEP switch as well as the Marker Light at the back of the cab. Now, your ready to run this locomotive.


Front View

Operating the Doors Edit

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In reality, the Amfleet doors cannot be opened from the cab of the ACS-64 and have to be opened by a conductor. However, as there is no conductor in Train Sim World, it becomes the driver's responsibility to open the doors. By pressing the TAB key, a menu will be displayed giving options for the doors. In order to close the doors, use the same menu.

Safety Systems Edit

The ACS-64 uses three types of safety features, the Alerter, ATC and ACSES. These safety systems are covered in separate tutorials.

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