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Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck is a route in Train Sim World 2, featuring the 62 kilometre route between Hamburg and Lübeck with the DB BR 112 and MRCE ES 64 U2.

About Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck[]

Experience regional passenger and heavy freight duties in Northern Germany, linking the country’s 2nd largest city to the commuter towns of Schleswig-Holstein with Train Sim World 2: Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck.

Plans to directly link Hamburg and Lübeck by rail date back to the 1830s, as part of an effort to improve journey times along the cross-border route into Denmark. It would take a further 3 decades until the line actually opened, but once rails were laid, the line quickly became the busiest and most important in Schleswig-Holstein. Today, Deutsche Bahn run regular passenger services along the line, taking commuters and travellers to and from Europe’s 2nd busiest station.

It’s your job to take charge of the services across this route; bundle commuters into the high-capacity doppelstock coaches, and keep the industrial scene thriving by operating key freight traffic.

Take control of the classic DB BR 112, either from the locomotive itself or from afar in the cab car, on stopping and semi-fast services between Hamburg and Lübeck. Alternatively, climb aboard the instantly recognisable ES 64 U2 adorning the sleek MRCE Black scheme, and haul a variety of freight trains.

Choose how you want to play; drive trains, ride around as a passenger, complete the route tasks, or simply pick a vantage point and watch the action unfold. Create your own experiences with the Scenario Planner and Livery Designer. Whatever you choose to do, there's lots to see and experience in Train Sim World 2: Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck.

Key Features[]

  • 63 km (39-mile) route between Hamburg Hbf and Lübeck Hbf
  • DB BR 112 Electric Locomotive in DB Red livery
  • MRCE ES 64 U2 in MRCE Black livery
  • Doppelstock coaches & cab car in DB Red livery
  • Habbins, Laaers, Roos and Sggmrss freight wagons
  • Highly detailed, feature-rich, driving cabs with accurate true-to-life performance and handling
  • Authentic and detailed sound recordings, recorded from the real locomotives
  • Journey Mode featuring over 24 hours of activities for you to master
  • Accessible Training Modules and 5 detailed and engaging scenarios
  • Extensive 24-hour Timetable
  • A selection of Route Tasks to complete
  • Livery Designer and Scenario Planner compatible
  • Powered by Dovetail Games’ proprietary SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine and Unreal Engine 4® technology
  • Download Size: 3.8 GB



  • DB BR 112 -
  • MRCE ES 64 U2 -



  • New to the Area: Drive this express run from Hamburg Hbf to Lübeck Hbf.
  • Evening Rescue: Rescue a stranded train on it's journey to Lübeck.
  • Bargteheide Return: RB81 services don't travel all the way to Lübeck, terminate at Bargteheide before heading back to Hamburg.
  • Turnback Freight: Some freight work along the line needs taking care of, deliver freight to Lübeck and Hamburg-Rothenburgsort.
  • Ice Night: A cold morning has led to a freezing evening, take care of this service from Lübeck to Hamburg in icy conditions

Timetable Mode[]

200 services are included in the base layer of the route. Further 2 services are added only if you own DB BR 101 (and its Prerequisites Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr). For specific detail of the timetable, see Service Timetable: Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck

Journey Mode[]

Route Diagram[]


  • HBK: Ready to Ride: Complete all training modules on Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck
  • HBK: Experienced Driver: Complete all scenarios on Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck
  • HBK: Customer Care: Complete all route tasks on Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck
  • HBK: First of Many: Complete 1 service on Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck
  • HBK: From City to Coast: Complete 50 services on Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck
  • HBK: Northernly Freeze: Complete Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck scenario 'Ice Night'
  • HBK: Back to Hamburg: Complete Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck scenario 'Bargteheide Return'
  • HBK: Mastering the Line: Reach Route Level 20 on Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck
  • BR 112: Adding Up: Operate the BR 112 for 112 kilometres
  • BR 112: Set and Achieved: Reach a speed of 100km/h in the BR 112
Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck
Locomotives DB BR 112 - ES 64 U2
Stations Hamburg Hauptbahnhof - Hamburg Berliner Tor - Landwehr - Hamburg Hasselbrook - Hamburg-Wandsbek - Hamburg-Tonndorf - Hamburg-Rahlstedt - Ahrensburg - Ahrensburg-Gartenholz - Bargteheide - Kupfermühle - Bad Oldesloe - Reinfeld - Lübeck Hauptbahnhof
Operators Deutsche Bahn - MRCE
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