The Great Western Express route is the first DLC for Train Sim World. The route covers the Great Western Main Line between London Paddington and Reading and includes the GWR Classes 43 and 166 as well as the DB Cargo Class 66.

Great Western Express became the first TSW route available for Xbox One on 9th March 2018


Below are the hints which were supplied by Dovetail Games, as to what the route is, and what the included rolling stock would be in the run up to the announcement of the route.

Hint 1 Edit

GW Route Hint 1

The question mark image was speculated to represent a Great Western Railway Class 43 (HST) or Class 57 locomotive. This is due to the dark green background, similar to a Great Western Railway locomotive, and the the pictured question mark, which is of similar shape and style to the 3D logo on Great Western Railway's fleet of locomotives.

Hint 2 Edit

GW Route Hint 2

The second hint was speculated to represent a DB Cargo UK locomotive, popular guesses have included a Class 59, and a Class 66, which both have corrugated sides that closely resemble those pictured.

Other popular guesses included a Class 67, which was not possible due to the locomotive not having enough ribs to fully represent the pictured hint. Others also guessed it to be a picture of a CrossCountry Class 220/221 Voyager DEMU roof due to its faded Virgin Trains red colour, however, like with the Class 67, there are not enough corrugated ribs for this to be true.

Hint 3 Edit

GW Route Hint 3

The third hint published by Dovetail Games on 19/07/2017 depicts a Great Western Railway Class 166. It also revealed that the route would be announced on 20/07/2017, the day after this third hint was published.


The Great Western Express route covers the Great Western Main Line from London Paddington station to Reading, a distance of 36 miles. It is set in 2015, when the survey for the route was undertaken, prior to the electrification of the Great Western Main Line beyond Maidenhead. Both InterCity and commuter trains are operated by Great Western Railway along the route with freight services being operated by DB Cargo UK, formerly known as DB Schenker or EWS. Unloading facilities for HKA Hoppers are located at Hayes & Harlington as well as at Acton.

History Edit

For the history of the Great Western Railway, see History (Great Western Express).



  • BR Class 43 HST - The BR Class 43 'High Speed Train' is the principal InterCity locomotive in the UK operated on all major routes. It is featured in the Great Western Railway livery and operates the non-stop trains between Paddington and Reading.
  • BR Class 66 - The BR Class 66, also known as the 'shed' is the principal freight locomotive in the UK. In Great Western Express, it is featured in both DB Cargo and EWS liveries, the EWS livery having been added in a later update.
  • BR Class 166 - The BR Class 166 is a commuter diesel multiple unit operated in the Thames Valley region of the UK by Great Western Railway. It is featured in GWR livery and operates both all-stopping services and limited stop services which continue beyond Reading.

Wagons and Coaching StockEdit

20171025132941 1 GWE66 0002 GWE66 0003

Tutorials Edit



339 services operate over a 24 hour timetable on the Great Western Express. 97 are operated by the BR Class 43, 229 by the BR Class 166 and 13 by the BR Class 66. A link to the service mode timetable is below:

Route DiagramEdit

Location Image Miles
London Paddington 20171129142545 1 0
Old Oak Common TMD 20171129163807 1 3.25
Acton Main Line 20171129143320 1 4.25
Ealing Broadway 20171129143815 1 5.5
West Ealing 20171129144022 1 6.5
Hanwell 20171129144111 1 7.25
Southall 20171129144507 1 9
Hayes & Harlington 20171129145203 1 11
Airport Junction 20171129145545 1 11
West Drayton 20171129145646 1 13
Iver 20171129150053 1 14.75
Langley 20171129150328 1 16
Slough 20171129150540 1 18.25
Burnham 20171129151144 1 21
Taplow 20171129151643 1 22.25
Maidenhead 20171129152130 1 24
Twyford 20171129152950 1 31
Reading Station 20171129164032 1 36


  • Journey Shrinker: Reach a speed of 125 mph in the HST
  • Turbo Power: Reach a speed of 90 mph in the BR Class 166
  • Pushing the Limits: Reach a speed of 75 mph in the BR Class 66
  • Cross Country: Operate the BR Class 43 for 430 miles
  • Mile Muncher: Operate the BR Class 166 for 1660 miles
  • Power Hauler: Operate the BR Class 66 for 660 miles
  • Peak Performance: Successfully complete all the scenarios
  • Qualified Driver: Successfully complete all the introduction tutorials

Founder's Edition Edit

It was announced on 2nd March 2018, that Great Western Express would become the first route available on Xbox One as part of the Train Sim World Founder's Edition, set for release on 9th March 2018. The route will come with the same locomotives as the PC version, the BR Class 43, Class 66 & Class 166. Details on tutorials and scenarios have not yet been released for Founder's Edition

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