Germany is a country in Europe which is featured in Train Sim World.

Operators[edit | edit source]

  • Deutsche Bahn - Deutsche Bahn is the nationalised operator of railways in Germany and operates the majority of passenger and freight services in the country. It is featured in all 3 German routes.
  • MRCE - Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE) is a Dutch-based locomotive leasing company which operates throughout Europe. Its locomotives are commonly used on freight services in Germany such as on the Rhein-Ruhr Osten or Hauptstrecke Hamburg-Lübeck route.

Routes[edit | edit source]

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  • Rapid Transit - Rapid Transit features the 71 km S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland S2 line from Markkleeberg-Gaschwitz to Dessau HBF via Leipzig. Featured with the route is the DB BR 1442 in S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland livery.

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  • Ruhr Sieg Nord - Ruhr Sieg Nord features the 61 km route from Hagen HBF to Finnentrop, winding through the Lenne valley in North-Rhine Westphalia. The route features a variety of freight and passenger services, utilising the DB BR 143, DB BR 185 and DB BR 767.2.

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  • Main-Spessart Bahn - Main-Spessart Bahn features the 52 km route from Aschaffenburg HBF to Gemünden in Bavaria including the 5.4 km Spessartrampe, which has a maximum gradient of 2.1%. Also included are the DB BR 146, DB BR 185 and DB BR 766.2.
  • Rhein-Ruhr Osten - Rhein-Ruhr Osten covers the 42 km of railway between Hagen and Wuppertal including the S-Bahn line and main line, used for freight services on the route. Featured locomotives are the MRCE BR 185.5 for freight and DB BR 422 for passenger services.
  • Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr - Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr is a 46 km route featuring a section of the Rhein-Ruhr S-Bahn between Duisburg and Bochum via Essen. It features the DB BR 425 and DB BR 422 EMUs.

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