The GP40-2 is a locomotive built by EMD between 1972 and 1986. It is featured in the Train Sim World CSX GP40-2 DLC featuring scenarios for the Sand Patch Grade route and as a lone loco in NEC: New York. It is featured in the CSX-yn2 and CSX-yn3b liveries.


CSX TransportationEdit

Upon its creation in 1987, CSX Transportation inherited a fleet of GP40-2s. During the take over of Conrail, CSX expanded its fleet of GP40-2s. The yn2 livery was originally the only CSX livery, but a yn3b livery was added to coincide with the release of NEC: New York.


The CSX GP40-2 can be driven on over 20 of the original services featured in the CSX Heavy Haul Edition of Train Sim World. No new services were added though. Following the release of the NEC: New York dlc, the GP40-2 can be used on freight services on the Northeast Corridor route as well.



  • Sand Patch Sunrise - An earlier service of coal empties travelling to Rockwood has become stranded after it encountered a traction motor failure near Fairhope. You're tasked with taking a couple of helper unites to rescue it and run it back down to Cumberland Yard for later use.
  • Forming Steel - Loaded steel cars have been left at various locations around Cumberland Yard and you've been assigned the task of rounding them up to form a train which will later be taken west. Your required traction for today comes in the form of two GP40-2 locomotives.
  • Power Line - A range of SD40-2 locomotives are due for upgrades to SD40-3s, to allow another thirty years of service out of them. Using a light engine GP40-2, round up a cut of 10 units that will later be transported to Huntingdon. Some units will not be as straightforward as you may think.

Operating the locomotiveEdit

Infomation on operating/starting this loco can be found here, and operating the Alerter safety system can be found here.

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