Description[edit | edit source]

Take part in hauling a huge shipment of aviation fuel heading east. A banker will join the train at Laufach for the climb to Heigenbrücken.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • BANKER LOCOMOTIVE: Await the Attachment of the Banker Locomotive
  • CLIMB ABOARD: Head up to the Lead Locomotive
  • BANKING OPERATIONS: Set the Radio Control System to ON
  • READY TO DEPART: Release the Brakes and depart when ready
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Heigenbrücken
  • UNCOUPLE VEHICLES: The Rear Locomotive
  • STOP AT LOCATION: Lohr Bahnhof
  • SECURE THE TRAIN: Set the Reverser to NEUTRAL and Parking Brake to ON
  • UNCOUPLE VEHICLES: The rear 5 tankers
  • DUTY COMPLETE: Exchange with the onward driver to complete this duty

Task Log[edit | edit source]

  • Welcome to Laufach. A large aviation fuel train is inbound with a banker locomotive due to attach to the rear.
  • Head down the platform to watch the action, then climb into the leading locomotive to take charge and operate the train through to Lohr.
  • Good work. Heigenbrücken is the summit. Head back and uncouple the Banker locomotive from the train.
  • Some of this shipment is destine for local industry. Head back and uncouple the rear five tankers.
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