East Coastway is the fifth British route arriving in TSW 2020. It features the 23-mile line between Brighton and Eastbourne whilst also including the 7 mile Branch Line from Lewes to Seaford. It features both passenger services with the BR Class 377/4 and freight with the BR Class 66.

Hints Edit

Hint 1Edit


Released on 28 November. The best guess was that it was showing an area near Lewes which would suggest the route would be the East Coastway Line.

Route Edit

East Coastway will represent the 23-mile line between Brighton and Eastbourne via Lewes, as well as the 7-mile Seaford Branch via Newhaven.

Locomotives Edit

  • BR Class 377/4 - Southern Rail's primary passenger EMU which operates on a third rail electric supply. Used for all types of passenger services along the East Coastway Route.
  • BR Class 66 - The most common type of freight locomotive in the UK used by all major operators. Used for hauling freight services on the East Coastway route.

Wagons Edit

ECWA 0005
  • JNA Wagon - A type of freight wagon used by the operator EWS. It is used to transport Aggregates to and from the port of Newhaven on the East Coastway route.

Training Edit

  • East Coastway Introduction - Take a brief ride across the Southern East Coastway and learn what is available to be discovered.
  • Class 377 Introduction - Learn the basics of operating a Class 377 Electric Multiple Unit and how to recover from an emergency stop.
  • Class 66 Introduction - Learn the basics of driving a Class 66 Diesel Locomotive and operating manual junctions.

Scenarios Edit

  • French Connection - Complete the final leg of a boat train service connecting London with Dippe ferry operating out of Newhaven.
  • Loose Connection - Do your best to keep time when a train fault occurs mid-journey.
  • Cutting Closure - Provide assistance to an emergency possession at Falmer Tunnel near Lewes.
  • Enthusiast Excursion - Operate a non-stop run between Brighton and Eastbourne as part of a special train running along the south coast.
  • Eastbourne End - Complete the final portion of a service to Eastbourne and then take the train out of service for the night.

Timetable Edit

There are 251 different timetables scenarios for you to complete. The complete list can be found on; Service Timetable - East Coastway.

If you own Northern Trans-Pennine you will be able to run a special Railtour service that is able to be run by the BR Classes 31, 37, 40, 45, 47, 66. (If you have the correct DLCs)

Journey Mode Edit

There are two chapters for the East Coastway route. They are:

Route Diagram Edit

Map Edit

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Brighton - EastbourneEdit

Location Image Miles
Brighton 0
London Road 0.7
Moulsecoomb 1.8
Falmer 3.5
Lewes 8
Glynde 11.1
Berwick 15.6
Polegate 19.4
Hampden Park 21.9
Eastbourne 23.9

Lewes - SeafordEdit

Location Image Miles
Lewes 0
Southease 3.4
Newhaven Town 6.2
Newhaven Harbour 6.5
Bishopstone 8
Seaford 8.8

Achievements Edit

  • ECW: An Electric Star: Complete all training modules on East Coastway
  • ECW: Brighton's Best: Reach 70MPH in the Class 377
  • ECW: Top and Tailed: Complete East Coastway scenario 'Cutting Closure'
  • ECW: Shut that door!: Complete East Coastway scenario 'Loose Connection'
  • ECW: Going Coastal: Complete 10 services on East Coastway
  • ECW: Southern Servant: Complete 100 services on East Coastway
  • ECW: Coastal Explorer: Complete all jobs on East Coastway
  • ECW: Situational Awareness: Complete all scenarios on East Coastway
  • CL377: Passenger Purveyor: Complete 150 Passenger Boarding tasks with the Class 377
  • CL377: Electrostar Trekker: Operate the BR Class 377 for 377 miles
East Coastway
Locomotives BR Class 66 - BR Class 377
Rolling Stock JNA wagon
Stations Brighton - London Road - Moulsecoomb - Falmer - Lewes - Southease - Newhaven Town - Newhaven Harbour - Bishopstone - Seaford - Glynde - Berwick - Polegate - Hampden Park - Eastbourne
Operators Southern - DB Cargo UK
Training East Coastway Introduction - Class 377 Introduction - Class 66 Introduction
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