Description[edit | edit source]

Aid in the delivery of newly refurbished trains to the area, by completing the last leg into Aschaffenburg

Task Log and Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Welcome to Gemünden. Two refurbished Doppelstock sets need delivering to Aschaffenburg. Head over to the train to get started.
  • CLIMB ABOARD. Climb aboard and activate the Battery by holding it for 5 seconds
  • SIT IN SEAT. Sit in the Driver's seat
  • CHARGE BRAKES. Set the Master Switch to NEUTRAL to charge the brakes
  • BRAKE HANDLE TEST. Set the Master Switch to FORWARD and the Train Brake to FULL SERVICE
  • BRAKE HANDLE TEST. Set the Train Brake to position 1B
  • START UP LOCOMOTIVE. Set the Pantograph to RAISED and MCB to CLOSED
  • DEPART WHEN PERMITTED. Release the Brakes and depart when ready
  • STOP AT LOCATION. Aschaffenburg
  • PARK THE LOCOMOTIVE. Set the Master Switch to OFF and Parking Brake to ON
  • DISEMBARK. Climb down and ensure the locomotive is locked
Main-Spessart Bahn
Locomotives DB BR 146 - DB BR 185
Rolling Stock Doppelstockwagen - Habbiins 344 - Laaers 560 - Shimms-U 708 - Zacns
Stations Aschaffenburg HBF - Hosbach - Laufach - Heigenbrücken - Wiesthal - Partenstein - Lohr am Main - Langenprozelten - Gemünden
Other Locations Spessartrampe
Operators Deutsche Bahn
Training DB BR 185.2 Introduction (MSB) - DB BR 146.2 Introduction - DBpbzfa Introduction (MSB)
Journeys Passenger Loco Driver - Passenger Cab Car Driver - Freight Driver - Banker - Driver
Scenarios Saturday Circuit - Auto Runner - Regional Express - Doppelstock Delivery - Fuel Exchange
Miscellaneous Service Timetable
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