The DB BR 204 is a German shunting locomotive featured in Train Sim World as a DLC for the Main-Spessart Bahn route. Originally built in East Germany as the V100 these were later converted in the 1980s and following German reunification were reclassed as the DB BR 204. This locomotive is the first third-party expansion for Train Sim World, made by Rivet Games.

Training, Scenarios and Services Edit

The locomotive comes with one tutorial:

Three scenarios are included with the locomotive:

Seven new services around Aschaffenburg docks and the Lohr branch on Main-Spessart Bahn are added with this locomotive.

DB BR 204
Training DB BR 204 Introduction
Scenarios Hafenbahnhof Dock Delivery - Hafenbahnhof Order - Aschaffenburg Multiple Unit Delivery
Journeys DB BR 204 Engineer
Miscellaneous Service Timetable
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