The DB BR 155 is a DLC for Train Sim World's Ruhr Sieg Nord route. The locomotive also comes with the Falns 183 coal hopper as well as 16 new services for the Ruhr Sieg Nord route. The loco also swaps into further freight services for the Main-Spessart Bahn and Ruhr Sieg Nord routes.

Tutorials and Scenarios Edit

The DLC comes with one tutorial and 3 scenarios:


  • BR155: Power Full - Complete the BR 155 Introduction Tutorial
  • BR155: Power Drive - Complete the BR 155 scenario 'Fossil Fuels'
  • BR155: Power Grid - Complete 15 services using the BR 155
  • BR155: Power Surge - Operate the BR 155 a distance of 1550 km
  • BR155: Power Up - Reach Loco Level 10 in the BR 155
DB BR 155
Rolling Stock Falns 183
Tutorials BR 155 Introduction
Scenarios Letmathe Lite - Steel Cycle - Fossil Fuels
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