Learn the basics of starting and stopping a Class 47 diesel-electric locomotive.

Objectives Edit

  • CLIMB ABOARD: Enter the cab through the door in front indicated
  • SIT IN SEAT: Sit in the Driver's seat of the locomotive
  • BATTERY ISOLATION SWITCH (B.I.S.): Set the Battery Isolation Switch to CLOSED
  • MASTER KEY: Set the Master Key to ON
  • REVERSER: Set the Reverser to ENGINE ONLY
  • ENGINE START: Press the Engine Start button
  • DRIVERS BRAKE: Set the Driver's Brake to RUNNING
  • BRAKE SYSTEM: Wait for the Brake System to charge...
  • REVERSER: Set the Reverser to FORWARD
  • FRONT HEADLIGHTS: Set the Front Headlights to ON
  • PARKING BRAKE: Release the Parking Brake
  • THROTTLE: Set the Throttle to ON
  • REACH SPEED: Reach a speed of around 10 MPH
  • THROTTLE: Set the Throttle to OFF
  • STOP LOCOMOTIVE: Bring the Locomotive to a complete stop

Task Log Edit

  • This is a Class 47 Diesel Electric locomotive in British Rail Green livery. This tutorial will go through the start and stop procedure. Climb aboard to get going.
  • Enter the cab through the door indicated.
  • When ready sit in the driver's seat.
  • To get the locomotive started, set the Battery Isolation Switch to the 'Closed' position.
  • To activate the control desk, set the master key into the 'On' position.
  • Set the Reverser into the 'Engine Only' position.
  • The locomotive is now ready to be started. Push the 'Engine Start' button on the Control Desk.
  • To release the air pressure holding the wheels, set the Driver's brake to the 'Running' position.
  • With the locomotive running, to get going, set the Reverser to the 'Forward' position.
  • To make others aware that this locomotive is operational, switch the Headlights to on.
  • Slide the Parking Brake handle into the Release position.
  • Finally, to get going, set the Throttle to at least 20%
  • Well done, the locomotive is on the move. To maintain a specific speed, set the throttle back to the 'Off' position.
  • To bring the locomotive to a gentle stop, set the Driver's Brake to the 'Initial Application' position.
  • Take this basic training and apply it to further operations and you'll do great.

Controls Edit

  • WALK AROUND: Use W, A, S & D buttons to walk around
  • CLIMB ABOARD: To climb aboard, first open the cab door then use the steps
  • SIT IN SEAT: Press E to sit in any available seat
  • PRECISION CONTROL: Click the Right Mouse button to switch between Mouse Look and Mouse Control mode
  • MASTER KEY: You can also use CTRL + W to set the Master Key
  • REVERSER: You can also use W to increase the Reverser
  • DRIVERS BRAKE: You can also use ; to decrease the Driver's Brake
  • CAMERA VIEWS: Use keyboard numbers 1-8 to select from a range of different camera views
  • SWITCH CONTROL TYPE: When in an external camera view, use the arrow keys and mouse to look around
  • HEADLIGHTS: You can also use H to toggle the Headlights
  • THROTTLE: You can also use A to increase the Throttle
  • THROTTLE: You can also use D to decrease the Throttle
  • DRIVERS BRAKE: You can also use the ' to increase the Drivers Brake
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