Learn the basics of start-up, stopping and passenger door operations using a Class 33 diesel-electric locomotive.


  • CLIMB ABOARD: Enter the Cab through the door in front indicated.
  • BATTERY ISOLATION SWITCH (B.I.S.): Set the Battery Isolation Switch to CLOSED
  • SIT IN SEAT: Sit in the Driver's seat of the locomotive
  • MASTER KEY: Set the Master Key to ON
  • REVERSER: Set the Reverser to ENGINE ONLY
  • ENGINE START: Press the Engine Start button
  • DRIVER'S BRAKE: Set the Driver's Brake to RUNNING
  • BRAKE SYSTEM: Wait for the Brake System to charge...
  • DRIVER'S BRAKE: Set the Driver's Brake to around 20%
  • REVERSER: Set the Reverser to FORWARD
  • FRONT HEADLIGHTS: Set the Front Headlights to ON and the Marker Lights to WHITE
  • PASSENGER DOORS: Unlock the Right side doors to commence passenger boarding
  • PASSENGER DOORS: Lock the Right side doors to commence
  • RELEASE BRAKES: Release the indicated brakes
  • THROTTLE: Increase the Throttle to apply power
  • REACH SPEED: Reach a speed of around 10 MPH (16 KPH)
  • THROTTLE: Set the Throttle to OFF
  • MANAGE SPEED: Use the Throttle and Brake to manage your speed
  • STOP LOCOMOTIVE: Bring the Locomotive to a complete stop

Task LogEdit

  • Welcome to this Class 33 Diesel Electric locomotive in British Rail Green livery. This brief introduction will go through start-up, stopping and passenger door operations.
  • A lot of time will be spent in the locomotive cab so climb aboard and get started.
  • When ready, sit in the Driver's seat.
  • The Master Key is used to activate the control desk.
  • The locomotive is now ready to be started
  • Release the brakes and allow the system to charge
  • Use the Reverser to set the direction of travel
  • Headlights are used to inform others around that this train is active
  • Give a quick glance of the platform to ensure all is safe, then unlock the doors
  • Boarding is now complete, set the doors to locked
  • With the start up procedure complete release the Parking brake.
  • Increase the throttle to start moving. Do not apply too much power too quickly. It's important to provide a smooth ride for passengers
  • Coasting is used to maintain a constant speed and be fuel efficient. Climbing or falling grades can affect this however, so always be vigilant of speed.
  • It's time to bring the locomotive to a gentle stop. Be careful not to apply too much braking force too quickly.
  • Good work. That is the basics covered. A manual can also be obtained that provides more detail about the full functionality of this locomotive.
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