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CSX Transportation is one of the two major Class I railroad east of the Mississippi in the United States. It operates 21,000 miles of track. CSX was formed in 1986 when the Chessie System and Seaboard System merged. In 1998, CSX gained 42% of Conrail, the other 58% going to Norfolk Southern.


CSX Transportation was formed on July 1st 1986 following the merger of Seaboard System and Chessie System. In 1998, the CSX network expanded, gaining 42% of Conrail, gaining 3800 miles of track. In 2014, CSX declined a merger with Canadian Pacific.


  • Sand Patch Grade - A 48 mile section of the CSX Main Line from Cumberland Terminal in Maryland to Rockwood Mine in Pennsylvania. Released in March 2017, this was the first route featured in Train Sim World and is part of the base game. Three CSX locomotives were also included in this route.
  • NEC: New York: Part of the Northeast Corridor, a high speed link connecting Washington and Boston. This section covers the route from Newark, NJ to New Rochelle, NY via Penn Station in New York.


  • AC4400CW - Built between 1993 and 2004, CSX Transportation owns more than 600 of the 4400 horsepower locomotives. Available in both yn2 and yn3b liveries in the CSX Heavy Haul Edition of Train Sim World.
  • GP38-2 - Part of the Dash 2 range of EMD locomotives, the GP38-2 was introduced in 1972, 2222 of these 2000 horsepower locomotives were produced, of which CSX gained many from it's predecessor railroads.
  • GP40-2 - Produced between 1972 and 1986 as part of the Dash 2 range of EMD locomotives, the GP40-2 is available as a dlc for the Sand Patch Grade route. The locomotive has 3000 horsepower and is available in yn2 livery.
  • SD40-2 - Nearly 4000 of these Dash 2 series locomotives were produced between 1972 and 1986, many of which CSX gained from it's predecessor railroads. Available as part of the CSX Heavy Haul edition of Train Sim World, the SD40-2 comes in both yn2 and yn3b liveries.
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