The BR Heavy Freight Pack is a freight add-on for the Northern Trans-Pennine route, featuring the BR Class 40 and BR Class 08 in British Rail Blue livery.


  • BR Class 08: The most common shunter locomotive used by British Rail during this period. It is featured in BR Rail Blue livery to carry out shunting services in the yards along the Northern Trans-Pennine route
  • BR Class 40: Initially used on passenger services, by the 1980s, when Northern Trans-Pennine is set, the locomotive primarily operated freight services in the north of England as well as some passenger services.

Wagons and Coaching Stock Edit

2-axle Box Van TEA Tanker Wagon
2 axle

Tutorials Edit

This DLC comes with two additonal tutorials:

Scenarios Edit

This DLC also adds three new scenarios to play on the Trans-Pennine Route:

Service Mode Edit

The BHF pack also add service mode for freight with the Class 47, 40 and 45 and allows for the Class 40 to complete passenger runs. The Class 08 is also used for shunting and yard work. More infor can be found here: NTP Timetable

Achievements Edit

  • CL40: Whistler Wizard - Tutorial
  • CL40: Whistle While you Work -Distance Driven
  • CL40: Fifteen in the Forty - Services
  • CL08: Gronk Genius - Tutorial
  • CL08: Shunt Master - Distance Driven
BR Heavy Freight Pack
Locomotives BR Class 08 - BR Class 40
Rolling Stock 2-axle Box Van - TEA Tanker Wagon
Tutorials Class 08 Introduction (HFP) - Class 40 Introduction
Scenarios Tools of the Trade - Standedge Struggle - Whistler and Gronk
Miscellaneous Service Timetable
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Northern Trans-Pennine BR Heavy Freight Pack
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